Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Conversation with Downtown Bruno

----Downtown Bruno joined RRO via e-mail for this week's Conversation.

-Let's open up letting everyone know that you are a current employee of the WWE.  What is a day like in the life of Bruno working for the WWE?

A day in my life at WWE consists of leaving Mississippi the day before the event,whether I’m flying to a far location such as the west coast or up north or whatever,or driving to a not so distant place such as Ohio or Texas. The reason for this is that I am very dedicated and professional. As i have been wherever I’ve  worked,and I would rather be there unwinding the night before safe and secure,rather than risk a travel dilemma(canceled flight,traffic problem,etc...)the day I'm supposed to be there. Anyway, I arrive at the arena around noon and i am there until the last televised match is over,so usually I put in 10 or 11 hour days.

-You recently had a controversy with some statements about EPW, but then you went back to apologize.  I give these guys a lot of hell, but I honestly do think there are workers on their current roster that are entertaining.  But, do you think your apology "smoothed it over" to the point that some guys still working without gear and training think it is ok?  
I DID apologize for my EPW rhetoric,and I stand by that apology and hope everyone that was offended realizes that I am man enough to admit when i am wrong in ANY situation. Basically,right after it was reported that Jeremy Wood died/was killed..however you want to put it....the next set of pictures and results I saw was that of EPW,and like a jack-ass, I WRONGLY assumed that they were the ones involved in the Jeremy Wood matter. Well, I wasn’t even in the right STATE! The death occurred in Arkansas,and EPW is based in Mississippi,my home state,of all places. I was too stupid and in too much of a rush to judgment to even get my facts straight. However, I must say...and I hope the EPW guys and every other guy and gal from every other promotion will back me up on this statement....unless your gimmick is that of a hillbilly or a biker or you are john cena,you need to have gear..tights,boots,ring jackets,etc…If you expect people to consider you a wrestler/sports entertainer and spend their hard earned money to buy a ticket to come and see you. PERIOD! Remember, John Cena can afford to buy tights and boots,its just not in his character to wear them...not because hes too poor or lazy to buy some.

-I am fan of good wrestling and think NEW presents some of the better matches in the area, but what can this promotion do to get more people in the building? 
I honestly don't know how we can increase the attendance at NEW in any appreciable manner. Hell,if i had that answer,don’t you think my"magic bullet" would already be in place at NEW,and we would be packing the joint every Friday night?LOL  

-Do you think with the handshakes & the style of NEW that it can sell to the general public?  Can they present "drama" [like Brian Thompson recently questioned] without old time storylines?

As far as the handshakes and more serious and athletic wrestling style..sure, I think people will eventually see it for what it is,which is a more athletic based style. But if you have noticed lately there is more of the old-school heeling and booking ideas have been incorporated in the programs,so maybe a happy medium will be the plan of action.

-If a worker is paying to be seen by either WWE at a camp at FCW, are they getting a fair handshake or worked?? Is there a chance they will get signed?

As far as the paid tryout camps, I have no knowledge of how that situation works or operates, so I cannot in good conscience pass a comment on the subject. I can only wish everyone involved in the long process of getting into my profession on a full-time basis my best wishes. I broke in the business in 1979, so obviously, its a whole different business than it was was i started. So i have no idea how to tell somebody what to do or not to do as far as those tryouts are concerned.

 -To close it up, I would like thank you and have some fun.  Tell us your favorite WWE performer to work with backstage and why??

Jerry Lawler, Pat Patterson, Steve Lombardi, Bret Hart and many others are some of my best friends in the business. As is Tony Garea and others, so I enjoy being able to work with so many guys I’m close friends with....just as i do in NEW.  Its the same business, just a different locker-room in an entirely different situation. Great guys like Austin Lane, Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Dan Matthews, Moe Stegall and his dad, Richard Bressler and his family, Ken and Debbie Wayne,John Steele,Allen Steele(no relation...i think?!?!)...Anthony Craft,Paulette Clark,Kevin Charles,Justin Smart,Shawn Reed,John Allen,Roshow,Greg King,Critter Getter and family,production assistant Dan Grice and our lovely jacket-girl,the Jennifer Aniston lookalike Kaitlyn Grice,t-bone,Brian Thompson,and hopefully im not forgetting anybody....this is what i like about the business...that,and the fact that Bruce the piece of f%^$king crap Prichard is out of my life....thats the mama says,it bees that way sometimes!!!!