Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wednesday Conversation with Kevin White

----RRO sit down via e-mail with Kevin White to talking about recent events, projects and Memphis Wrestling.

Lawler punching Kevin White
-First and foremost Kevin, please give the readers of RRO all the details about your school.  [Give us the length of the classes, cost or whatever you want to put over.]   

The cost is 1500.00 if paid in full upfront.  If financed in payments it is 250.00 down and 50.00 a week until the amount of 2,000.00 dollars is paid!  You are always a member of the school and are encouraged to keep coming every week after you have graduated.  We provide you with several matches in front of an audience as part of your training and get you a legit Memphis TV tryout!

-You recently were featured on WMC-TV 5 talking about the school and your outreach type program for troubled kids.  Will you please explain the program and what are you wanting to accomplish??
We are trying to get a program for Jr. High/ High School age kids to begin training in the Memphis Wrestling Academy as a way to keep kids off the streets and not every kid enjoys the sports offered at his/her school, so they never get to participate in any extra curricular activities.  We are looking to work with local Human resource agencies or department of children services to find scholarship money for the ones that can not afford tuition.

-Give us your thoughts on the Jeremy Wood incident.

This should have never have happened.  Training to become a professional wrestler is a long slow process!  It is no different than lawyers/doctors/teachers going to collegee.  They would not get a degree from Bubba down the street!  They attend a credible school in order to learn everything neccesary to own their craft.  That so called wrestling school is not a school.  It sounds like they just take peoples money, then abuse them for their own enjoyment!  If you are going to a wrestling school and all they do is beat on you, RUN RUN RUN.  There are good schools out there in all areas of the country for young guys to learn the right way.  (Our School, Ken Wayne's School, Handsome Jimmy Valiant, Harley Race, Wild Somoans, Knox pro, Danny davis, etc)  Find the school that you feel most comfortable with.  I really feel bad for this guys family.  I am a father and i feel it is my job to protect my kids, so I can only imagine how they feel.  The people should be held responsible!!  We have never injured anyone at our school, and we pride ourself in that.  Now you will have bumps, bruises and an occasional mat burn, but that should be the extent of it.  I hope this death can send out a message to everyone wanting to get into pro wrestling,  Make sure you attend the right school and do your homework on the school before attending.  If you have never heard of the trainer, or never seen him on TV, don't go to that school!

-You have a few trainees that are working on a regular basis.  Give us your thoughts on each one of these -

-Su Yung?  Drove across country straight to the school paid her money and never looked back!  She is very dedicated and knows what she wants out of this profession.  She set her goals and acheived them.  Most importantly, she realizes that once she arrives in Florida it will be like starting all over and she will have to work twice as hard.  I wish her the best, she desrves everything she has gotten.

-Cody Melton?  Eats, Sleeps, and breathes wrestling!!  He is willing to drive all over the US for a match or an opportunity!  Has made mistakes, but most importantly he has learned from each mistake, which has made him a better wrestler.  Also understands that he has to work everyday to improve.

-Maxx Corbin?  Nice guy, sometimes too nice!  He could actually accomplish so much more in this business if he set his mind to doing so.  He has always been a team player and i would love to see him get an opportunity really soon to step up and let loose!

-Memphis Wrestling is back in the mix.  What do you see the benefits of being on that show?  How do you feel it is going so far, since you are such a featured performer on the show??   

The benefits are that you are being seen by a large audience.  You are offered several more bookings at the price you set!!  If you are not on TV, then you really can't demand a certain amount of money, those guys just take what they are given at the end of the night and they only work once a week.  The show has gotten better each taping, and will continue to do so.  Jerry Lawler is real serious about making this promotion work and when he sets his mind to accomplishing something he usually does.  He has filled the show with good talent and has good help in the back, as well as on the production end of things.  He is always looking to improve each show/taping.  Hopefully, the goal would be to get the ratings up more and more so we can start running 2 or 3 nights a week to get it back to the way it used to be ( at least close to that)  The show has a good feel to it, and we are given the chance to show our talent.  I have always been a fan of the Memphis style and I want nothing more than to see Memphis Wrestling back like it used to be.  I think people will be shocked to see how this thing is about to take off!!!  I will leave you with that!!!