Friday, October 08, 2010

Big Show Tonight!! Countdown to NEW Anniversary Show!!

----Get on the road with RRO as I will be in West Memphis, AR tonight for the NEW Anniversary show!

----Two years and still going with the follow lineup to celebrate.

- RoShow vs Mike Anthony - My first look at RoShow and I look for Anthony to go over in this one.

-Byron Wilcott vs Chris Stryker.  Could be a good match.  I would say Stryker goes over.

-"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony vs Moe Stegall.  They did almost a total squash last time.  I say Stegall goes over to improve his stock.

-Alan Steele vs Jon Allen - Not sure where they are going here, but probably going to leave it with more heat on Allen with this being Steele's babyface return.

-US Jr Title Match: Austin Lane vs Dan Matthews.  2010 MVP & Wrestler of the Year Candidate vs Rookie of the Year Candidate.  This could be the the show stealer if they jell in the ring.  If Lane goes in and they have [***} +, then both guys will get my top nods this year.

-1st Blood Elimination: Kid Nikels/Eric Wayne vs Shawn Reed/Justin Smart.  This could easily be the match of the night, if they don't rely on the gimmick of the match too much.  All four guys can go and this will be fun to watch them.