Thursday, October 21, 2010

Coach's Corner "Just Saying..2010 Edition" by Brian Tramel

----A new edition of Coach Corner.

----One of the favorite Coach's Corner posts from last year was "Just Saying" [CLICK HERE], so I thought I would update it a bit.  Everyone has their favorite saying right??  Like, "just saying" or "whoop there it is." And as I said last year, I remember saying stuff like "burn", "boosh", "you can't touch this", "if it was up your ass you would know where it was", "did I say that outloud" and other things. It makes me just laugh when I hear them today. I also use "That's What She Said" is a little bit too much right now. Michael Scott on The Office helped make that popular. So, here we go with this year's editon of "Just Saying.."

-I don't own any camo, but I like to listen to country music - take that Dustin Ring!!...just saying.

-Mike Anthony - it is THAT program I am doing!...just saying!!

-Infinite has proven that trolls on message boards have a new name - GOOFS!!..just saying.

-If Austin Lane and the "Asylum" don't win the top awards this year, I will be disappointed...just saying.

-I know Facebook is a self serving vehicle for people that think that everyone cares whether they are eating ice cream or pooping.  That's why I love it!!..just saying.

-I am sorry, but it has been a slow couple of weeks at the RRO offices.  I will not just "copy and paste" stuff to have material to post...just saying.

-Why is it that you can say something good about someone, but because you didn't say they were "main event" material they consider it a stab?? Grow up - not everyone can be in the main event!!...just saying.

-"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony is the top talker in this area and is one of best workers we have...just saying.

-I was told recently that a woman worker in this area and former world ladies champion, considers my site VD...just saying.

-The RRO Tag Team of the Year curse continues.  "Picture Perfect" [did not tag in area the year after winning],"The Posse" [tag only a few times the year after winning], "Black Label Society" [did they tag over two times this year??] and then "Midnight Gold". ...just saying.

-Jason Reed, Eric Wayne, Luke Graham and Dustin Ring continue to post some fun stuff on the Kayfabe Message Board.  My favorite in the last few days has been one by Seth Knight though - 
just saying

-I recently had someone try to SELL me interviews that they conducted.  Ok, so I am all about getting paid to do stuff, but how I am going to pay someone when I don't make a dime doing this site??...just saying.

-I hate it when workers on Facebook keep an angle going when they are using their shoot name...just saying.

-Why does Trent Van Drisse hate TNA and Jeff Jarrett so much??...just saying.

-No weekly advertising and groups wondering why they are not drawing??...just saying.

----Well, it wasn't as long as it was last year, [That's what she said] but it is the first thing posted in two days because the week is so slow!!  Hope you enjoyed "Just Saying.."