Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Golden Circle: "Bitter" by "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony

----New edition of the Golden Circle.

I usually don't even pay attention to the "kayfabe board" on RRO but someone directed my attention to the conversation thats been going on. What's wrong with the business? Now that's a loaded question if I ever heard one. Ask any wrestler what's wrong with the business and if you get less than 10 answers I'd be surprised. Maybe I can help narrow down this topic a little.
Everyone and I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The problem with not just wrestling but life is that people think that's all they have to have is an opinion. Forming an opinion is easy, for instance.. just watch. My opinion, if you hate the business so much then get off your ass and do something about it. All the problems that have been shined on can't be fixed from behind a computer screen or on the other side of a smart phone. I challenge you to get down in the trenches with guys like myself, Jon Michael, Christian Jacobs, Eric Wayne, Alan Steele, Austin Lane, Pokerface and handful of others that are working together to change it from the inside out.
You can either sit in the stands and talk about what should have, could have happen but until you lace'em up and contribute to the better of the business than your opinion isn't worth the shit on the fan. All you are doing is contributing to the symptom and not the solution. Lets say 5 years from now, we correct half the things that have been talked about (and that's being very optimistic). Then who is going to take credit for it. The crew or the coach potato? The bitching, moaning and complaining, those things alone doesn't help put an ass in the seat, your company on television or a contract in someone's hand. So ask yourself, what are you trying to accomplish?