Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jamie Jay Announces Retirement

----Jay sent along the following to RRO.

----Jay, who has been a regular in this area on and off seems to be calling it quits.  Jay was a regular columnist on this site last year causing a Sid Vicious controversy and has even promoted his own shows on a regular basis. 

Hey everyone,
The day has come for me to hang up my boots. I'm 32 years old and in fairly decent shape, just don't have the love that I had for this business like I did at one time. I told myself when I first started doing this that if I didn't make it by a certain age then I was gonna quit. Well, that age is upon me. I hate it in one way and love it in another. I hate it because I'm leaving a world of brotherhood that I got close to and I love it because I'm starting another journey in my life. I started this in October of 2003. Seven years of wrestling but I have a whole lifetime of being in this business from my grandfather, mother, and two other aunts. I've had my chances at making it to the next level and I let them slip away. I've been booked by WWE on four different occasions and only made one. I wrestled Johnny Nitro, now John Morrison and Joey Mercury of MNM in the FedEx forum in front of 8,000 people. I was standing there when Triple H told Melina to do the splits when getting in the ring. She does that now today. It was a great experience and something I'll always remember.

There's a lot of thank's that goes out to a lot of people. MCW in Oceola for giving me my start and all those guys up there. Big Daddy Lafonce, White Lighting, and Frankie Tucker and Loose Cannon. I know there's so many other guys up there that I didn't mention but not for any certain reason. So many workers to thank that it's not even funny! Don Bass, Luke graham Jr, JT West, Austin Lane, Golden Boy, Seth Knight, Scott Fury, Derrick King, Johnny Morton "Ripley Prim", Downtown Bruno, Alan Steele, Matt Riviera, Ron Rage, Ryan Rage, Sid Vicious, Gunnar "kid vicious", Pokerface, SanFrancisco Treat, Brian Thompson, Jim Casey, Big Hoss, Ray Ray, Kid Krazy, Idol Bane, John Michael, Christian Jacobs, Jamie Lee, Motley Crue, Tasha Simone,and there's so many more! I thank each and everyone of you. You all have your on place in my memories and heart. I will miss this business in so many ways but it's time to move on. There's a lot of you guys reading this that should do the same thing and walk away, because you're the ones killing the business. As for thanking promoters to let me work, thank you! I hope the wrestling business gets better  and all of you make a lot of money but I doubt this business will ever turn around.

My son, which is 5 years old and most of you know him wants nothing more than to be a wrestler. He cried the other day when I told him that I'm done with wrestling. I do not want my son in this business. I hope he eventually quits thinking that. I wouldn't want my son trying to make money in such an unappreciated sport. Also, big thanks to my family for always being there behind me, especially my Pop!!!

Tie up, shoot you off, drop down, dick in you're mouth! Get it again!!!
Thank you, all of you!