Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mama Says It Bees That Way Sometimes by Downtown Bruno

----Downtown Bruno sent to the follow to and RRO.
ok,its time for everybody to lighten up.sure,there's a lot wrong with the business,at every level,from full time people to weekend warriors,to audience members,to hang around,etc...but theres also a lot right with the business too,and id like to touch on that for a change! feel free to add to the list,but ONLY positive comments,ok?theres been enough negativity to fill an arena seventy-seven times over,right?

1-the young guys who really care about the business and want to learn how to actually do it the right way.
2-people like brian tramel,brian thompson,jimmy blaylock,and their contributors who actually try to put a positive focus on the local scene,while still being objective at the same time.
3-the aswf,for its touching tribute to jeremy wood,very professionally handled by the great ricky rowland
4-new,for always conducting the Friday night show with all the professionalism and seriousness as we did for umpteen years at memphis tv every Saturday morning.
5-ken wayne,kevin white,duane gill,harley race,jimmy valiant,dutch mantell,and any other guys who run a professional school that teaches guys the right way to break into the business.
6-chuck poe,phil hodges,joey lynn,chris fraizer greg allen,for being great mid-south referees who are willing to learn and improve.
7-the fans who support the local promotions and the guys who populate them.
8-austin lane,for giving me the best send-off i could ever expect and more,when i made a big transition in m y career.
9-axeman,joey lynn,edith poole,and the epw crew for accepting my apology when i admitted in front of GOD and everybody that i was WRONG about epw earlier this summer,and moving forward in a positive manner.
10-eric wayne,kid nikkels,justin smart,kevin charles,shawn reed,jon allen,roshow,moe stegall,john steele,terrence ward,greg anthony,seth knight,asylum,tony dabbs,allen steele,boss winders,bert prentice,brian christopher,blaine devine,sir mo,stan lee,derrick king,tommy mercer,colby stern,jerry calhoun,wolfie d,reno riggins,jocephus,matt boyce...damn,dont hesitate to add some names,my typing fingers are getting sore,theres a WHOLE lot more great guys we could list,and im NOT trying to insult anybody by leaving them out....dan matthews,robert and weasel walker,danny and kaitlyn grice,paulette clark,debbie wayne,vickie peal,billy russ,tony watts,al hall(a great guy),oscar barlow(ditto),david walls,chris stryker,reggie montgomery,gunnar,sid,of course my friend,mentor,teacher and idol,the king--jerry lawler....and ,hell,your turn!!!! thanks everybody,lets keep moving forward in a POSITIVE manner....oh,and a few more before i go----luke graham jr.,kevin christian,chris rocker,lee michaels,enforcer,athena eclipse....and,dammit,even though i never met either one of them vixen and gary nations must be really big stars,because i see their name on blaylocks message board more than i see barack obamas on the cnn site,they must be awesome!!!!!! just sayin......

oh,and for a final my positive things that are good and proper about the business,let me add these names to my list..which is far from complete,since there are a lot more good solid guys and gals who should be listed,but,in the meantime,lets not forget pokerface,jd mckay,koko b ware,johnny dotson,albino rhino,jammin jeff the crippler daniels,lt falk,nikki lane,tia blaylock,trey at new,the bresslers at new,anthony at new,danny stegall at new,and all the great help we had at jlmw while it lasted...including but not limited to randy hales,brandon baxter,mr coffey,tom nunnery,jim blake,joe cooper,lauren jenkins...ok,maybe not lauren so much...