Wednesday, October 06, 2010

More "What's Wrong With Business" added!!

----Infinite posted the following on the Kayfabe Message Board!

----I started numbering these right after Seth Knight's [CLICK HERE] post. [not sure why Infinte started with 39 on the message board], but we have a grand total of 65 now!  Go over to the Kayfabe Board [CLICK HERE] and start with #66!!

51: Selling the wrong body part
52: Not taking a shit before you work as to not shit your pants from a clothesline
53. Thinking that when you start training you're going to start doing finisher's all over the place
54. Hazing a greener by making them do X which only undervalues the show.
55. 9000 hillbilly gimmicks
56. Everyone wearing bluejeans
57. Seeing the wrestlers you just saw beat the shit out of each other eating at subway together and have none of their P/O left.
58. Changing your entrance music every damn night.
59. Opening and closing a show with a battleroyal, and during the intermission you have a battle royal.
60. Bringing scratched up cd's for entrance music and wondering why they don't work
61. Using a ring that you know is going to break ala WFAC
62. Having an owner who writes hot checks.
63. Using any entrance music that sounds like someone on wwe tna. Create your own pop.
64. Just because you add a cop siren in the background of a song doesn't make it a damn remix
65. Flipping Heel Face every other week trying to get flip heat.