Monday, October 04, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 10.02.10 - Stan Lee Returns to EWE and Empty Arena Match Signed!!

----Results from Saturday night!!

----This show looks to be the most exciting of the area.  Great talent and some fun angles!!  I hope they can get the crowds up.  Take a look at this roster - Rude, Pokerface, Jon Michael, Christian Jacobs, Greg Anthony, Stan Lee, Maxx Corbin, Eric Wayne along with Ike Tucker, Rockin Randy, Blaine Devine and JR Manson.  It might be hard to find a better roster - from top to bottom than this one.  This reminds me of the old Rector, AR days when I called LAW the "workers haven."

The new acting commissioner, Dustin Baker, comes to the ring to open the show with a few announcements. He goes over that next week Rude and Pokerface will face off in a singles match, the return of S.A.W. October 23rd, and the return of Jon Michael in his first match back with EWE after a serious head injury and other medical complications. Jon Michael is to face off with Maxx Corbin in the main event.

As the announcements were being made, The "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony comes out and interrupts Dustin Baker and begins to tell him that since he is that EWE heavy weight champion that he does what he wants and demands the respect from the people. Dustin tells Greg Anthony since everything is about him, that he has a match this evening and it was against a mystery opponent and the match was to begin then.

"Golden Boy" Greg Anthony vs. Eric Wayne
Eric Wayne comes out and the crowd really gets into this match. This match was really solid. Both men competed in this match and gave it 110%. Eric Wayne really gave "Golden Boy" a run for his money during this match. Greg Anthony went on to get himself disqualified by a kick to the groin of Eric Wayne. As Greg Anthony was about to leave the ring, out comes Christian Jacobs. As Golden Boy and CJ were staring each other down, Eric Wayne sneak attacks Greg Anthony with a superb German suplex. After Eric leaves Greg Anthony in the ring CJ comes in and then puts Greg Anthony in the Sharp Shooter.

J.R. Manson vs. Rockin Randy
Match was really long and solid. These two guys went at it for nearly 20 minutes. J.R. Manson really getting under the crowd and Randy was shinning through this match until Ike sneak attacks Randy and J.R. continues to hit Randy with his finish, a modified version of the "code breaker."
J.R. wins

Ike Tucker vs. Christian Jacobs
Ike really pulled his weight and showed the years of experience during this match. Christian showing his experience and determination during this match was great as well. Again, due to outside interference by J.R. Manson CJ over Ike with roll up.

After Ike and J.R. beat down CJ, Greg Anthony comes out and tries to attack a wounded Christian. That was quickly changed when CJ caught Greg Anthony and then continues to show the anger and resentment toward Greg Anthony. These two guys just go at it full throttle. The security then tries to separate these two guys and received a rude awakening by both CJ and Greg Anthony. Dustin Baker then steps in and begins to try and restore the chaos. Dustin Baker announces that he is ready for these two guys to finally settle the score between each other. Baker continues to say that he is going to put these two guys in a match, but due to the concern of safety of the staff and fans of EWE that they will compete in an "Empty Arena" match; which will be scheduled at Dustin Baker's choosing. There will only be Christian, Golden Boy, a ref, Dustin Baker, and a camera man allowed in the arena. It will be filmed to show back to the crowd the outcome of this match AND because it WILL BE a title match for the EWE Heavy weight championship.

*Rude requests time to speak about Pokerface's actions from the prior week*
Rude vs. Blaine Devine
This match took place rather quick with Blaine doing a surprise roll up on Rude to achieve victory. Rude, feeling respect and outsmarted, gets up and shows good sportsmanship. Rude shakes Blaine's hand then continues to hit him with the TKO.
*Again, Rude vs Pokerface scheduled for next week, October 9th*

Main Event
Jon Michael vs. Maxx Corbin
Jon Michael comes out and is really ready for this match. He looks great after his long recovery and this being his first time back in the EWE ring since his serious injury. Maxx never comes out, but Ike and J.R. Manson come out and say that Maxx had better things to do and they will take care of Jon Michael. As these two gentleman try to get in the ring, OUT OF NOWHERE, comes Stan Lee!

Stan Lee gets in the ring and stands back to back with Jon Michael ready to fight off Ike and J.R., but as things couldn't get more interesting, Stan Lee turns his back on Jon Michael and allows J.R. and Ike to beat down Jon Michael. After they are finished with Jon Michael Stan continues the dirty work and hits Jon Michael over the back with a steel chair then again over the head. Jon Michael was laid out in the middle of the ring and Stan just stood over him and gave obscene hand gestures to him and the crowd of Ripley, TN. After all was said and done, Stan just leaves the building. Security and other EWE staff helped Jon Michael to the back. Medical attention is a concern of the safety and clearance of Jon Michael. Updates will be given on his condition.

*Crowd about 65. Lower from the previous week, but really got into the matches.
*Stan Lee returning to the EWE arena left the crowd in silence at the end of the night.