Wednesday, October 13, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 10.09.10

----EWE from this past Saturday night.

EWE Results 10.09.10

Commissioner Dustin Baker starts off the show explaining last week he made an "empty arena" match between Christian Jacobs and "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony.

The match took place during the week after Dustin Baker gave both CJ and Golden Boy the date and time to meet at the arena for the match. The "empty arena match was for the EWE heavy weight championship. As promised, the match was filmed and only 4 people were allowed in the building, The ref, camera man, CJ, and Greg Anthony.

Video of "empty arena" match for the EWE heavy weight championship

Christian Jacobs vs. "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony

This match was really long, brutal, and completely chaotic. Both, CJ and Greg Anthony, completely fought out all their frustration and animosity toward each other. These two men went all over the arena. They fought in the ring, outside the ring, on the concession stand, the bleachers, near the front door, everywhere.

Golden Boy, able to make his way through the match ended up throwing powder in the face of Christian then proceeded to spear CJ through a table that was set inside the ring.

Golden Boy wins and retains the EWE heavy weight championship

EWE champion, Greg Anthony comes out to the ring and goes on a rant about still being the champion and that he will always be the champion in Ripley , TN. As Greg Anthony continues on about his wins and title possessions, Stan Lee enters the building and gets in the ring with Greg Anthony. Greg Anthony then turns his rant into the notorious " Golden Circle ." As Stan Lee begins to talk about his cowardly attack on Jon Michael from the previous week, Dustin Baker quickly cuts off Stan Lee and makes it clear that Stan is NOT part of the EWE roster or staff and that he is not welcomed in the building and then had security escort Stan out of the building.

Greg Anthony continues to go back on his rant then Dustin Baker continues to cut him off and explains that he will have a match tonight against a mystery opponent.

Rockin Randy vs. Kevin Charles

Randy wins by pin fall

Ike Tucker vs. Eric Wayne

This was a real solid match. Ike really held his strength and experience during this match against Eric Wayne. As the match was getting heated up with Eric in control Ike's manager tries to distract the match with his briefcase and while this was going on, J.R. Manson comes out from the back and tries to interfere with the match. Eric regains the control and goes for a German suplex when J.R. Manson jumps up on the outside of the ring then Eric let's go of Ike and goes for J.R. Manson. As J.R. begins to leave, soon as Eric turns around Ike hits Eric with his finish.

Ike Tucker wins

Naughty by Nature vs. Naughty by Nature

Rude vs. Pokerface

This was just an all out fight between these two guys. They kept fighting through out the whole match and even after the ref calls for the bell to DQ the match. Both men continued to fight. It took just about all the other superstars in the back plus security to pull these guys apart.

No winner for this match

J.R. Manson vs. EWE Ultimate Division Champion Blaine Devine

This was a decent match. Blaine really tried to keep control of the championship belt around his waist.

Blaine wins

Main Event

"Golden Boy" vs. mystery opponent

Greg Anthony comes to the ring fully prepared for his non-titled match. As he is confident he will win, out comes Kid Nikels. Kid Nikels comes to the ring, but he comes to the ring carrying a body bag. It makes an announcement saying that the only way Greg Anthony is leaving tonight is in that body bag.

Kid Nikels really stuck it to Greg Anthony in this match. Greg Anthony had to pull out everything he could to stay in this match. Greg Anthony even tried his new method during this match and that is suffocating his opponent with a plastic bag. As Greg Anthony enters the ring with the bag, the ref catches it and throws it out of the ring. Golden Boy turns around to meet the hands of Kid Nikels around his throat and set for the choke slam, but Golden Boy cuts him off with a low blow to the groin while the ref was tossing out the plastic bag. Golden Boy pins Kid 1, 2, 3.

As Golden Boy was celebrating, Kid Nikels came to and surprised Golden Boy with a choke slam and proceeded to put Greg Anthony inside the body bag. The crowd really popped over Greg Anthony being zipped up inside the body bag. When Greg Anthony finally came to and realized where he was, he literally started to bounce around all over the ring, screaming, trying to get out of the body bag. When he finally got out of the bag, Greg Anthony was pale as a ghost and in shock for being placed in that bag. It didn’t take any time for Greg Anthony to run to the back from fear of the dark.

Crowd around 80

*S.A.W. returns to EWE October 23rd, 2010*