Tuesday, October 26, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 10.23.10

----SAW returned this past Saturday night to Ripley.

----I told the opening tag match was awesome.  Wonder what they are doing with Lee??...Who is Will The Thrill???...Somebody make me a DVD of all those Rude vs PKO matches!!!

EWE/SAW results 10.23.2010

Tag Team Match
Golden Boy Greg Anthony/Stan Lee vs. "Picture Perfect" [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael]

This match really started the night for Ripley, TN. This was a really long and brutal match amongst these individuals. There is so much animosity among these guys which made this match all that more interesting. Golden Boy gets rolled up by Jon Michael.
Picture Perfect wins

As the match ended Stan left the ring and left Golden Boy by himself with Christian Jacobs. As Golden Boy quits arguing with Stan Lee he turns around and meets the Spear. Dustin Baker makes sure that nobody interferes with this and allows Christian Jacobs to continue delivering spear after spear on Golden Boy.

Naughty by Nature vs. Naughty by Nature
Rude vs. Pokerface
Again, this is another brutal match between two guys that have animosity toward each other. Rude plays hooky and quickly hits the TKO on Pokerface as the ref was distracted.
Rude wins

Ultimate Division Championship Match
J.R. Manson w/ Ike Tucker vs. Blaine Devine

Good match. Ike tries to keep Blaine from hitting the cross body from the top rope and gets cut off from Blaine. Blaine hits J.R. Manson with the cross body and wins
Ike tries to get in the ring and attack Blaine Devine from behind, but Commissioner Baker forces Ike out of the ring by threatening him with suspension. Ike is escorted out of the building by security under Commissioner Baker’s orders.

Will the Thrill vs. Blaine Devine (Open challenge match by Will the Thrill)
Will the Thrill comes out and has an open challenge to any of the EWE/SAW superstars from the back. Blaine Devine answers his challenge and wins the match within 2 minutes. Will, being a new face around EWE, for his size and time in the wrestling business he impressed me with this agility and ability to get under the skin of the fans.

Chase Stevens vs. Johnny Bandanna w/ Sister Ophelia
This was a really good match. Johnny really kept up with Chase during this match. Again, Chase being in control while in the ring and doing what he does best wins the match by pin fall.

Main Event
Drew Haskins w/ Sister Ophelia vs. Ryan Genesis
This was a rematch requested by Ryan Genesis from the September show a few weeks ago. Drew, one half of DKE and one half of the SAW tag team champions really showed his skill during this match. Ryan Genesis came in this match with a purpose and beat Drew Haskins by pin fall.

Crowd – about 130
St. Jude Charity Cup Tournament next weekend (October 30th, 2010)
All proceeds go to St. Jude