Sunday, October 03, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 9.25.10

----Here are some highlights from the 9.25.10 EWE show.

09.25.10 EWE Ultimate results

Dustin Baker comes out to begin the show. Baker still sore and beaten from the attack from the week before by Maxx Corbin, J.R. Manson, and Ike Tucker, still came out to do his job. Due to the beat down Baker received, he is having to be in a neck brace until further notice. He received minor whip lash and internal bruising from that attack. 

Baker continues to make the announcements of upcoming events for EWE Ultimate. Also, Baker says there is a big announcement later in the evening and also announces that there will be a contract signing for Jon Michael to return to EWE. *Jon Michael has been out of the ring for over 3 months due to a serious head injury and other severe medical conditions.

*Pokerface returned to EWE
*Dustin Baker w/ Jon Michael contract signing for EWE return. Maxx Corbin, J.R. Manson, and Ike Tucker cut off interview and try to get in the ring. As Jon Michael backs Dustin in the ring from harms way, Pokerface comes out and stands back to back with Jon Michael. The 3 (Maxx, Manson, and Tucker) are about to get in the ring and chaos break loose, Dustin Baker cuts them off and has a huge announcement that he is now the acting Commissioner for EWE. Baker continues to threaten the "Misfits" that they will be terminated on the spot if they step foot in the ring. The "Misfits" then slowly leave the ring, but not without another announcement from Baker. Baker continues to announce that Maxx Corbin will be in a match next week against the returning Jon Michael. *Crowd is really taking a turn during these announcements. There were a lot of cheers and yells about everything during this segment.* As the "Misfits leave ringside Pokerface then sneaks up behind Jon Michael as if he is about to sucker punch Jon Michael. As Jon Michael turns around Pokerface backs away in confusion and Jon Michael wants to shake hands but nothing is done, only confusion from both were seen. When Jon Michael left the ring, NxN's Rude comes out and confronts Pokerface.

Rude begins to confront Pokerface about his actions with Jon Michael. Pokerface still confused as to what just happened, Rude goes on saying about how Pokerface would have never been anything without the help of Rude. Rude goes on to say that Pokerface has till the end of the night to make his decision as to which direction he is going to go with his career with Naughty by Nature.

Main Event
Rude vs Christian Jacobs (Number one contender spot rematch)
Pretty solid match until the Ref gets hit and Golden Boy comes out and interferes with the match. Both Rude and Golden Boy are all over Christian Jacobs then Pokerface comes out and turns on Rude. It becomes utter chaos in the ring. It took all the guys from the back and security to keep all 4 of these guys apart. The night ended with everybody in the ring struggling to keep the animosity in check among all 4 of these gentleman.

Crowd - average about 80 people in the arena.