Sunday, October 17, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 10.08.10 - Sid Vcious Loses His Hair!!

----Results from Friday night.

1st match - Officer Hudson defeats Loose Cannon to retain his Middleweight Championship !!!

2nd match - Sid Vicious & Pokerface against V-man & Rik Burton !! Sid's hair against V-man leaving MCW !! Poker had an emergency and wasn't there so Sid took on both men in a handicap match !! Sid was making a big comeback when out from under the ring comes Pokerface with some ether to knock Sid out and give V & Rik the win !! I guess Rashard Devon is one up again !! Sid gets his haircut and Rashard & company are beside themselves !!!
3rd match - Snuffy loses his Cruiserweight chances when Lucky rolls him up for the 1,2,3 !! Your winner & still champ !! Lucky !!
4th match - Rik Burton & Lance Beaudreaux defeated Adrian Stratton & Big Al when Rik hits Al with a big boot to the face !!!
5th match - All American Frankie Tucker & Big Daddy Lafonce take on the Hambone Express !! It turned into a wild brawl that cleared both dressing rooms !! The crowd was loving this !! So were the wrestlers !! 

Next week the wrestlers will be dressed up in some sort of costumes !! LOL The fans can dress up also !! It will be a fun filled night !! 10-22-10 !! Thanks MCW fans & God bless !!!