Sunday, October 10, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 10.08.10

----Friday night at MCW!

1st match - Adrian Stratton & Loose Cannon get a win over the Hambones !!!
2nd match - All American Frankie Tucker & Pokerface defeated Rik Burton & V-man !!! Rik Burton went for the figure four when Tucker rolled him up in a small package for the pin !! Tucker & Poker were celebrating when V & Rik jumped them !!! Out comes Officer Hudson to tie Tucker to the corner !! All 3 guys jump Poker for the beatdown when out comes Lord Humongous !! V-man,Rik,& Hudson order Humongous to hurt Poker when he flips the mask off it's Sid Vicious !! V-man gets mad and challenges Sid to put his hair up against V-man leaving MCW !! Should be an exciting match next week !!
3rd match - Officer Hudson defeated Big Al to retain the Middleweight Championship !!
4th match - Stretch over JT Storm in a high flying fast paced match !! Stretch using the impressive coast to coast for the win !! Stretch gets a little revenge over Storm with the win !!!
5th match - Little Lucky defeats Wild Bill to become the Cruiserweight Champion !! Wild Bill had the match in control before JT Storm comes out to toss Lucky a chain !!
Big night next week when Sid Vicious puts his hair on the line against V-man leaving MCW !! 

Should be an exciting night 10-15-10 !!! Thanks MCW fans and God bless !! Would also like to thank RRO for putting our results out there !!!

Credit: MCW