Tuesday, October 05, 2010

RassleResults: Southern Wrestling Selmer, TN 10.02.10

----Results from Selmer, TN.

----This was a fun crew.  I was surprised to see Rhino not work??  And funny to see Gilbert and Road Dogg vs Bones/Black Ice.

1) Derrick King w/ Albino Rhino defeated Ty Hamilton after interference from Albino Rhino.
2) "New Nature Boy" Kevin White defeated Cody Melton after hitting Cody with a chain.
3) Patrick Smith defeated Christian Shane by reversing a German suplex attempt into a rollup.
4) Ty Hamilton and Cody Melton defeated "New Nature Boy" Kevin White and Derrick King when Ty Hamilton pinned Derrick King after interference from Albino Rhino backfired.
5) "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert and "Road Dogg" Jesse James defeated Bones and Black Ice when "Road Dogg" pinned Bones after a pump handle slam.