Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rector Show - Drama, Drama and more Drama!!

----Controversy during the Rector, AR show last night. 

----Here is the story I am getting coming out of the EWA show from Rector, AR last night.  EWA ran their second show  following their 9.18.10 debacle.  All the problems actually started earlier this week when part owner Koko Anderson was told that Biscuit [the other owner] could not help with building costs this time.  Koko got the money arranged and was going to pay the full bill. Biscuit then called Anderson to say that he had a new money backer - Frank Martin [former RWA owner] - and that Anderson would not be needed anymore. Anderson was later called and asked to bring some guys in to work the show due to Biscuit having everyone else back out.  

----Anderson brought with him Tim Edwards, Weasel and Slim Pickens.  As they were getting ready to work last night, Edwards ask for their PO due to the fact they had all planned to leave after their match.  Biscuit told Edwards/Pickens/Weasel that if they were getting paid, it would have to be by Anderson, since Anderson booked them and then rushed to the ring.

----Biscuit then cut a shoot promo on Anderson with Edwards making the decision that instead of wrestling, they were just going home.  They got their bags - Edwards/Pickens/Anderson/Weasel - and headed out the door, but then found out that someone had stolen one of the tag belts that Anderson owns.  So, they went back in and threatened calling the police if the belt was not returned - it was returned and they left.  

----Apparently EWA also has a name change and I am not even sure what it is - I was told it was National Southern Wrestling Superstars, but my source was not sure if that was correct or not.  There was cussing on the mic from both parties and I was told one of the workers dropped the "n-bomb" talking about Koko.  As they say, the show must go on and the main event had a Bullrope Match: Adrian Banks Stratton vs Big Indian Quixote