Sunday, October 17, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 10.16.10

----Results from Saturday night.

EWE results 10/16/2010

Moe Stegall vs. Kevin Charles
Decent match with Moe's first match in the EWE arena. It was a good way to start the pace of the night. Moe did a great job keeping the fans involved in the match.
Moe wins with a splash off the top rope.

Golden Circle
Golden Boy's music plays for the requested Golden Circle, but no Golden Boy. Suddenly the music changes to unfamiliar music and out comes STAN LEE! Stan Lee comes to the ring and cuts off Dustin Baker before he could even get 3 words out by saying that Baker can't do anything to him because he is now contracted to EWE Ultimate. Stan continues to go on about his assault on Jon Michael and stating that JM just happened to be a the wrong place at the wrong time. Then Christian Jacobs comes out and confronts Stan Lee over his actions. Christian started to back Stan in a corner then Dustin Baker cuts off the action and tells Stan that even though he has a contract he is not on the roster for tonight and to leave the building. Stan eventually leaves the building after being told that Baker will allow Christian to escort Lee out the hard way.

Naughty by Nature vs. Naughty by Nature
Rude vs. Pokerface rematch (Ultimate Rules - anything goes)
This match was just brutal and straight to the point. Both guys went at it through the whole match. Rude even brought out a used LED light and bashed it over Pokerface's head, back, and stomach. This match was a pure fight. Rude rolls up Pokerface with feet on the ropes and Ref catches this and brakes up the count. As Rude is arguing with the Ref, Pokerface rolls up Rude w/ feet on ropes and still gets the 1, 2, 3.
Poker face wins - Rude goes on a tangent about respect and demands Pokerface in one more match.

Ultimate Division Championship
Blaine Devine vs. Rockin Randy
Real solid match between these two guys. Blaine seems to be really determined to hold onto this title. As the match really started getting good, Ike Tucker and Maxx Corbin come out and jump Randy and Blaine. Maxx hits Blaine with the BHS then continues on the mic stating that without him there is no main course for EWE talent. He wants to start the main event right then.

Main Event - #1 contender for Ultimate Division Championship
Maxx Corbin vs. Kid Nikels
Kid really stuck it to Maxx for the first part of the match. Then Ike started working on the arm of Kid after he missed Maxx and ran right into the steel ring post. Ike kept assisting Maxx on doing more damage to the arm of Kid Nikels. Kid really held his weight and fought back with all he had. Kid goes for the choke slam on Maxx when Ike jumps up on the ring then Kid goes for Ike with the choke slam. As Kid turns back around he meets Maxx and is cut off once again. Maxx goes for the pin. Maxx gets the win only by fault of the ref not seeing Kid's foot on the rope.

As Ike and Maxx celebrate, Eric Wayne comes out to assist Kid Nikels. Eric is arguing with the ref about Kid's foot being on the rope and demands to have the match restarted. As Eric was arguing Maxx and Ike jump on Eric then Kid comes back to help Eric. It becomes an all out brawl when Dustin Baker announces that we are going to continue this match as a tag team.

Ike Tucker & Maxx Corbin vs Premiere Brutality
Eric starts this match with Ike and holds the match for the first few minutes. Eric misses a cross body which turns the match to Ike's favor. Eric takes some punishment before he makes the tag to Kid Nichols. Kid comes in the ring still injured from the arm and tries to take control. The tables turn when Ike and Maxx begin to work the arm of Kid Nichols again. The match continues for a while before Kid is able to fight back. Both Kid and Ike make tags then all 4 men just go at it. The ref throws out the match after the chaos brakes out. Eric is cut off on the outside of the ring while Ike and Maxx continue to work Kid's arm. As if it couldn't get worse Maxx gets a steel chair and puts Kid's arm through it and was able to try and break Kid's arm when Jon Michael and Christian Jacobs hit the ring. Both Jon M and CJ were fighting off Ike and Maxx when Stan Lee enters the ring again and pops Jon M and CJ in the back of the head and allows Ike and Maxx to work on Jon M and CJ. The tides turn quickly and both Jon M and CJ come back and fight off Ike and Maxx. Stan rushes out of the ring when CJ and Jon M turn their eyes on him. Dustin Baker stops Stan and says that since he is now an EWE wrestler, he will have his first match next week. It will be a tag team match; Stan Lee & Golden Boy vs. Picture Perfect. Ike and Maxx come back and cut off Jon M and CJ and continues to hit them with the steel chair. The night ends with all 4 men Jon M, CJ, Kid Nikesl, and Eric Wayne laid out in the ring after being beaten up by Ike Tucker, Maxx Corbin, and Stan Lee.

Crowd up - around 100
October 23rd, 2010 SAW comes back to EWE
October 30th St. Jude Tournament Charity Cup, costume contest, karaoke contest, cash and ticket prizes.