Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SAW Tapes Stolen??

----Trent Van Drisse reported this on the Mid-Southern Message Board yesterday and it was confirmed later.
Has anyone else heard anything about this? Reno Riggins was on SAW television in Nashville this past Saturday night saying the footage from the Oct. 9th TV tapings at Freddie's in Columbia, TN. was stolen when the production truck was broken into at an after party that night. Riggins called the thief(s) lowlifes on TV, and said if he got a hold of them, he'd wring their necks. he said as a result of the theft, they couldn't air the show they had planned to, and aired a hodge podge of old, and not so old, footage instead. Old footage meaning they actually aired a match from when Riggins ran Main Event Wrestling at the Nashville Fairgrounds over a decade ago.