Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Showtime All-Star Wrestling TV Review - Episode 144 by Larry Goodman

----Larry Goodman with the new SAW TV report.

Airing on September 11, 2010 in Nashville on CW58
Taped August 14, 2010 at Algood Middle School in Algood, Tn


Shatter was without the NWA National Title. Melton’s dropkicks connected. Shatter was rocked but didn’t go down. He unleashed a relentless brawling attack with a lot of wicked back elbows. Shatter used the PTSD powerbomb as his finisher.

Winner: Shatter in 2:56.

2 – “No Mercy” TOMMY MERCER vs. INSANE D

Winner: Mercer in 2:23.

Mercy Kill for the finish and two more after the match. Now that’s the way to get a move over. Mercer wanted more. SAW personnel had to pull the kid out of the ring to prevent a near death experience.

3 – SAW Tag Team Title Match: Champions Derrick King Enterprises (Derrick King & Drew Haskins with Johnny Bandana) vs. VORDELL WALKER & J-ROD

Winner: Television time expired