Friday, October 22, 2010

Wayne's World: "So..What's Wrong with The Business?" by Eric Wayne

----Eric Wayne joins us with a new edition
Well, I've had writer's block lately but the problem has been cured. I think the message board helped clear that up and if you haven't checked it out lately then I'm sure BT will be glad to insert a link right here[CLICK HERE]....for you to check it out. There have been some interesting comments lately and if anyone knows me, they know I'd rather speak my mind and apologize later instead of being quiet. Also, thank you to Seth Knight for starting all of this..its the only thing he's done this year(just kidding Seth! "Perfectly Premiere Dynamite" was a nice trio lol)

So what's wrong with wrestling? While some will say everything, others don't even realize how far we've fallen. My opinion is that it doesn't necessarily matter what you look like, but knowing how to work is the key. So many guys wrestle on the weekends and should be in the front row instead. Main reason being that not only do they not have the appearance of a wrestler, they are terrible in the ring. Not everyone can be as psychologically sound as TGB, or look as good as Christian Jacobs, or have a gimmick like Baron Malkavain. But they can do one thing that all three of these guys, and so many more, can do and that is execute.

Execution is everything, guys. Why does UFC get over so well?? Because they know what they're doing. They execute everything to perfection. The local mma guys are no different, the good ones anyway. My girlfriend has been to ASWF, NBW, EWE, RCW, NEW and a few other shows...the first thing she says(depending on where we are) is how bad the guys looked. Whether its appearance or ability. She can tell when guys are working TOO much and its not believable, just like a majority of everyone else. The one thing she can't do is figure out "if we're talking to each other". The only way she even figured that out was by going to a shitty show and either seeing or hearing the guys call a spot. However she doesn't know when myself, and the guys I call talented, are calling anything. Of course, the first few shows she ever attended was NEW and she was used to that level of talent so when she travels with me she never knows what to expect.

While I believe that we should all look like wrestlers, it isn't always necessary if the ability is there. It doesn't mean that you should go out and create some gimmick, it means that if you don't workout and have the "body builder" look or anything close to it, then you better be able to execute. You better be able to call a spot without being heard or seen. It means you need to train more than you wrestle on the weekends. All it takes is perfecting your craft, and that's something that you can never stop doing.

Before I end this, I have to ask a favor out of everyone reading right now. You probably call yourself a wrestler(and you might actually have the talent to say so) which means you have footage of yourself. So I have a bit of homework for everyone. Find your most recent match and watch it. After that, find just about any WWE or TNA match, even ROH or anything from Japan. Now watch your match again. Notice a difference? Do you look like any of those guys? Do you work like any of those guys? Compare their execution to yours. Compare the pace and timing in their match to yours. Do you see the difference? I'm fairly sure that most of you will see a difference. Next time you get in the ring, try your best to appear a professional. If you're having a hard time figuring out what you're doing wrong, put away your pride and 10years in this business and ask someone credible to help you. .