Tuesday, October 05, 2010

“What’s wrong with the Wrestling Business” Indy Edition by “Dynamite” Seth Knight

----Seth Knight had a popular column last year and sent in an "one shot" piece here.  Some of this is just hilarious and some of it is..well...just sad.

“What’s wrong with the Wrestling Business” Indy Edition by “Dynamite” Seth Knight

In no particular order….

  1. TIWF
  2. Workers who are also the booker
  3. Worker/Bookers who put themselves in the main event
  4. Belt Marks
  5. Goofs who should be in the crowd instead of in the ring
  6. People who buy their kids wrestling companies
  7. Workers who are more worried about how their ass looks in their tights than if they know how to do a hammerlock correctly
  8. Shows that bring in a big name and advertise the hell out of the show and get the same crowd they would have gotten just by advertising the talent they already had and giving all the money to the big name they booked
  9. Paying your talent less than $15 dollars
  10. Paying talent who are worthless over $5 dollars
  11. Workers who wont retire and let the younger guys take over
  12. No respect for the business
  13. No respect for the fans
  14. Smartening up the fans
  15. Moves that look fake
  16. Punches that look fake
  17. Thinking that being stiff is a talent
  18. Lazy workers who wont go to the damn gym
  19. Workers who take off their T-shirt and jeans, open their bag up, and put on ANOTHER shirt and jeans to work in
  20. Workers who aren’t workers
  21. People who make up stupid lists
  22. People who post the lists to wrestling websites
  23. Shoot interviews
  24. Workers who don’t even WATCH WRESTLING!!!
  25. Workers who say “Huh” When you say “Here comes an RKO”
  26. Workers who are LATE!!!
  27. Workers who leave as soon as they work and don’t watch any of the other matches
  28. Workers who think they have nothing else to learn
  29. RRO News Website
  30. Wrestling News Center
  31. Buying a new pair of tights each week when you shouldn’t even be in the ring yet
  32. Sitting in the crowd when a babyface is taking a beating and not doing anything because it wasn’t booked that way, Go to THE BACK!!
  33. Rats
  34. Wrestlers who don’t have jobs and don’t pay child support…But they make it to the show every week….Way to go dads.
  35. Masked Wrestlers who take off their masks and walk in and out of the building or dressing room. Everyone knows you weren’t on the card and the masked guy never came in or left so it’s probably you….
  36. The fact that I have 36 of these so far
  37. No Psychology
  38. Start match, Lock up, Duck one, Piledriver, Kick out
  39. Skinny wrestlers in T Shirts
  40. Fat Wrestlers in trunks
  41. Wearing the same attire to the ring for over a year
  42. Tennis shoes with kick pads over them
  43. Ugly wrestlers who don’t wear masks
  44. Wrestlers with no teeth
  45. Anyone who comes out to a current WWE wrestlers entrance theme
  46. Workers who wrestle just because there’s nothing better to do
  47. A Wrestler who isn’t big enough to ever injure anyone with any move, ever, ever,doing a move to any worker…Just please go home, midget.
  48. Using any WWE catch phrase as your own – Example “That’s the bottom line, Cause Seth Knight said so”
  49. Throwing an invisible grenade into the ring and your opponent being “blown up” by it
  50. The way people in today’s world react when you tell them you are a Professional Wrestler….Breaks my heart.

Thanks for your time