Friday, November 19, 2010

Cheap Heat by Gene Jackson

----Cheap Heat with Gene Jackson.


A few random notes here for Friday, now that I've got my internet back it is my goal to start back posting a column once a week. I've have a lot of ideas for columns but it's just a matter of getting the time to sit down and write them. One that I'm working on now is one entitled "Cheap Heat Indy Mania" where I will put together a fantasy card of indy matches I'd like to see which will feature a mixture of local talent and guys from other areas that I just personally would like to see work together...then hopefully we can discuss it on the message board and see what everyone else thinks and how they think these matches would turn out.....Look for that in the coming weeks!

Tonight, Rosey and I are gonna be headed to Piedmont, Alabama to check out a ProSouth Wrestling show....I've been hearing about them for a while and figured since my friend Cabana Man Dan has come outta "retirement" and will be facing Chrisjen Hayme tonight would be a good night to finally catch a show.....I plan to write about the show next week and I'm sure post a few pictures......

I've gotta a lot of plans for 2011....I'll be getting married in the early part of the year......I wanna do some more wrestling with my new "gimmick" that I'm working on....I'd like to maybe do some more "Piper's Pit" like "Cheap Heat Live" interviews at some shows and hopefully have some fun like I did with Blaylock and Deathwish at XOW a couple of years ago.......In February, on the anniversary of the passing of "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert, I will begin posting a series of columns here at RRO which will feature the content of what would have been the Eddie Gilbert book I was working on......but I have one BIG project we plan to get started on in January and I think it will be quite interesting to many....both inside and outside the business while also hopefully giving everyone some exposure as well..

Going to all these shows the past year and reading seemingly EVERYDAY where someone is writing a column, posting on a message board, or doing a shoot interview about "what's wrong with wrestling", how much it's "changed", and everyone's various opinions on how to fix it......I thought it would be very interesting to do a documentary on the evolution as some would say of independent wrestling. There would be a LOT to cover....interviews with old school promoters and wrestlers from the "glory days" of when wrestling drew and people believed in it.....footage of matches from those days.....then interviews with promoters and wrestlers from the current day.....and a look at various shows that are running now.....what's good....what's bad...what's changed....what are these promoters doing to survive?...why do they still try to run? do we get the crowds back?.....or can we? are guys being trained these days?.....what do wrestling fans wanna see now compared to then?....There's literally hundreds of questions to be asked and answered and I have contacts to tons of wrestlers and promoters so I don't think getting into shows and getting footage would be a problem.....and I think it would be good exposure for the promoters and wrestlers...the project will NOT be a negative one, the intent will be to try to get a handle on where things "went wrong" and where to go from I think the things that could be learned from it would be beneficial to fans and workers alike.

What does everyone think of this? Would you be willing to participate? to be interviewed? to have your show featured? Please give me some feedback at I have the means to film it, and I know people who can help me get it distributed but I will be looking for some help with editing, music, and things of that nature... So if your interested in participating or if it's something you'd watch once it's done....shoot me an email or a message on facebook and let me know if it's worth all the work it will require to do it.

thanks for reading.

Cheap Heat is a randomly featured column here at RRO. Gene Jackson is a writer, former (and sometimes current) pro wrestler, radio talk show host, announcer, color comentator, comedian, and all around swell guy.....He has a loyal following of readers and fans but is generally disliked by most due to his smart ass, arrogant, sarcastic, and sometimes unnecessarily mean writings and rants on his bi-yearly radio show. if you would like to contact him to voice your displeasure or heaven forbid say something positive he can be reached at