Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Coach's Corner "Professionals and Amateurs" by Brian Tramel

----New Coach's Corner!

----I would think that most reading this is probably familiar with the NCAA rules of what defines you as a professional athlete or amateur athlete; right??  It can be a bit complicated reading the rules, but the simple way of looking at it is – if you are paid to perform for a  team, then you are a professional.  If you want to be considered an amateur athlete then you must not take money, gifts or anything considered as pay.  I could spend a whole article on my actual feelings of all these big time colleges making tons of money off of attendance, TV contracts and gimmicks off these amateur athletes, but when thinking of the NCAA rule, I thought it would be interesting if we apply this to the area wrestling promotions.  Let’s say you would not be considered a professional wrestler, if you have never received a pay check from either the WWE or TNA??  What if the promoters only had to pay professional wrestlers??  Who would be the guys that got paid and what guys would be left off the payoffs??  Let’s take a quick look at all the promotions and throw around some names.



Pros: Motley Cruz.  Not sure if he has ever been paid by WWE or TNA, but he has worked the territory years and was paid by major promotions during the period.

Amateurs: Everyone else on the roster

Pros: Austin Lane

Amateurs: Everyone else including guys that have been around forever like Rik Burton and Loose Cannon.


Pros: Alan Steele, Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Dan Matthews and Kevin Charles. [Matthews did work as an extra right??]

Amateurs:  The one notable would be Greg Anthony.  It would be hard to not pay a guy like that, but if you went by these rules, then guys like Charles would be consider ABOVE Anthony.


Pros: Stan Lee and Chris O'Neal

Amateurs:  Everyone else!

Pros: Sarge O'Reilly would have to be considered because he falls in the same category as Motley Cruz - working territories as a jobber.

Amateurs: Everyone else!


Pros: Kevin Charles, Rude, Pokerface, Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Jon Michael, Stan Lee and Christian Jacobs.  Ike Tucker also worked AWA in the territory days.

Amateurs: Everyone else!  Greg Anthony also on this roster.

Pros: Derrick King, Wolfe D, Brian Christopher, Eric Wayne and Stan Lee.

Amateurs: Everyone else!  Has Dotson worked WWE TV??

Pros: Pokerface

Amateurs: Everyone else! A lot of journeymen on this roster.

Pros: No one!!

Amateurs: Everyone!! You would have a team like "Asylum" [Pappy/Psycho] fall in the same category as Greg Anthony.


Pros: No one!!

Amateurs: Everyone!!

Pros: Chris Michaels, Jon Michael, Casey Kage [he has worked TNA right??] and Chase Stevens.

Amateurs: Everyone else!

Pros: No one!!

Amateurs: Everyone else!

----Ok, so we have the total following pros of all the promotions in the area.  Could you promote a show with just these guys??

Motley Cruz, Sarge O'Reilly, Derrick King, Wolfe D, Brian Christopher, Eric Wayne, Stan Lee, Austin Lane, Chris O'Neal, Alan Steele, Kid Nikels, Dan Matthews, Kevin Charles, Rude, Pokerface,Jon Michael,Christian Jacobs, Ike Tucker, Chris Michaels, Casey Kage and Chase Stevens.

----Do you agree with the assessment??  Who did I leave out?? This would change wrestling in this area with promoters making more money because they would not have to pay anyone.  Or it might help some of the legit professionals make more money.