Saturday, November 06, 2010

Jeremy Wood Coverage: Dying for A Dream Update

----I got an e-mail from WREG's Scott Noll this afternoon. 

----Below is the transcript of the video that was posted on  CLICK HERE to go to the video. I will have comment about this story later this week.

Athletic Commission says it does not plan to make changes following the death of a 20-year-old who was training to become a professional wrestler.

Jeremy Wood died in August.
He was weeks into training with the Southern Wrestling Alliance in Newport, Arkansas.

Doctors say he suffered a closed-head injury, and died of bleeding on the brain.

In the weeks that followed the Iraq war veteran's death, everyone from wrestling promoters to Wood's father called for regulation of wrestling trainers.

At the time, the chairman athletic commission admitted while wrestlers have to licensed in the state, training wasn't monitored at all.

L.M. Duncan said it was something the commission would look at.

At its quarterly meeting yesterday, members did discuss the idea of regulating wrestling schools, but decided against it.

John Mattingly, the commission's Secretary told WREG On Your Side Investigators that injuries like Wood's haven't been enough of an issue to warrant an in-depth study into the idea.

Ultimately, Mattingly said, commissioners decided if they started regulating wrestling training, they'd have to do the same for boxing and mixed martial arts.

Mattingly said the commission wouldn't have the resources to handle the increased responsibilities.

Reached by phone this afternoon, Wood's father said he was "strongly disappointed" in the commission's decision. He's hired a lawyer to look into his son's death.