Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Lawler Injured??

----It was reported on www.prowrestlingtorch.com that Jerry Lawler was injured?

----As reported below by James Cardwell, Jerry Lawler is having some knee problems which even prevented him from going to England to do RAW.  We did talk with an inside source last night that said his bad knee also prevented him from working the Southern Heavyweight Classic on Thursday. That show was apparently re-booked after he was unable to work. He apparently injured it at the Forest City, AR show.

WWE Raw announcer Jerry Lawler missed tonight's Raw broadcast in Manchester, England due to a reported knee injury.

Lawler's former announcing partner, Jim Ross, says Lawler is not suspended. Ross said Lawler has a "severe infection" resulting from a knee injury.

Ross added on his Twitter page that Lawler is on IV antibiotics and "will be okay."

WWE acknowledged Lawler's absence throughout tonight's Raw broadcast. Raw's lead announcer, Michael Cole, played up his heel persona by sarcastically wishing Lawler a speedy recovery.

Caldwell's Analysis: It sounds like a staph infection is involved, which is never a good thing when it comes to recovery time. No word yet on whether Lawler will be back on TV next week, but we'll see.