Thursday, November 04, 2010

Mama Says It Bees That Way Sometimes "Random Thoughts" by Downtown Bruno Lauer

----New column by Downtown Bruno.

Ok, loyal RRO faithful followers, Jim Ross has a his random thoughts from under his black hat, so here’s DTB’s random thoughts from Northwest Mississippi delta.  Just in the shadows of South Memphis’s “scenic” old hometown neighborhood off the top of my head.

Subject #1:  I’d have to say that if I had Greg Anthony’s passion, Eric Wayne’s legs, Kid Nikels’ size and Dan Matthews’ intelligence when I was their age, I’d be a millionaire now.  But since I didn’t have anything back then but a drinking problem, a nicotine addiction and a shit body..well…I DID have a good above average work ethic..well I made a good living, but nothing I got rich at. 

Subject #2: I have to admit it – Moe Stegall is getting over like none of us in NEW ever expected.  I am very proud of him.  He hasn’t been in the industry long enough to start bitching and hang-dogging around like a jerk-off like me.

Subject #3:  GOD BLESS HOLLYWOOD JIMMY!! My dear friend Jimmy we thank you for re-vamping the message board.  That crap was getting absolutely ri-f’n-diculous!!  Oh, by the way, anybody out there interested in a Gary Nations/Vixen site??  I understand there is big money in it!!  LOL Finally…Let me ask everyone an ALL CAPS question - WHO THE F@C@ ARE GARY NATIONS AND VIXEN?? 

Thank you for your  time.  You’ve been so much more than kind.  You can keep the dime. [apologies to Jim Croce].  Have a nice day! [Sorry Mankind] Oooo Yeah. [Sorry Macho Man]  Can you smell what Downtown Bruno is cookin? [Shit…that’s taken also] it..Yeah, the first actual catchphrase EVER in the business [although credit never runs my way], but here goes – It’s like Mama says, It bees that way sometimes!!!!