Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mama Says It Bees That Way Sometimes "What Local Guys Would Make It In the Territory Days" by Downtown Bruno Lauer

----Downtown Bruno with his new column.

----This is one of my favorite columns of the year from Bruno.  I talk a lot to various people saying, "man that guy would have made some money in the old days.."  I am usually talking about TGB or the team of "Picture Perfect", but Bruno has a great list. He also goes over the list of place you could work and make REAL money.  This column was prompted by the Coach's Corner "Professionals and Amateurs" column. [CLICK HERE]

It is sad that there are so many guys who in my day could and would be making their living in the business.  Because, let's face it - there were territories  all over the country to make a living in.  Amarillo/San Antonio/Dallas/Houston in Texas.  Kansas City, Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Ohio in the Mid-West.  Memphis, Knoxville, Alabama, Tampa, Louisiana and Oklahoma in the south.  Hawaii, Northern and Southern California, Portland, Calgary in the west.  Toronto, Montreal and the Maritime in eastern Canada. Winnipeg in Central Canada, Vancouver in Canadian West and the WWWF in the Northeast.  Georgia for Ole Anderson/Paul Jones/Fred Ward.  Jim Crockett in the Carolinas and East Caost Mid-Atlantic region.  Baba and Inoki in Japan.  That is some of them - not the complete list.  

See..these are the guys who SHOULD be making a living and WOULD have been if they were around back in the DAY, just don't have that opportunity.  There is just only a limited amount of spots available now and that's it!  I could definitely see these guys...but not ONLY these guys,to ward off a nuclear attack on me for leaving out somebody....making it back in my era in the territories...and,for the sake of POSITIVE conversation,may i suggest Brian Tramel opens up a thread on the message board to add to my list of guys who have the tools.

Im intentionally leaving my list small,so as not to offend anybody, I will list only 20 guys..not in any particular order..here goes...

1: Dustin Ring 
2: Alan Steele 
3: Eric Wayne
4: Kid Nikels
5: Austin Lane
6: Kevin White
7: Cody Melton
8: Byron Wilcott
9: Mike Anthony
10: Greg Anthony
11: Brian Thompson 
12: Chuck Poe 
13: Joey Lynn
14: Asylum 
15: Jocephus 
16: Stan Lee
17: Derrick King
18: Kevin Christian [in creative or backstage in some capacity..very sharp mind for the business]
19: Jon Allen 
20: Brandon Baxter [although he DID make a living in uswa/power pro,and in world class/global, I really believe he has the talent and ability to have gone much further if the opportunity was there.]

Just my opinion, and as i said, this isn't to start an argument - its to start a valid discussion! I'm curious as to what everybody else thinks.

Oh,and i must give honorable mentions to Terrence Ward, Oscar Barlow, Al Hall, Moe Stegall, Matt Boyce and many others.  To Hollywood Jimmy and Brian Tramel for CARING and having a passion for the industry.