Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Dutch Mantell Book!

----New Dutch Mantell book!

Conducting media interviews upon request!!!  
Dutch Mantell has posted a new blog on his website that his second book,  TALES FROM A DIRT ROAD,  is expected to be available for purchase in early December just in time for Christmas.  The book is a followup to his first book which won critical acclaim among wrestling fans and critics alike.  
The book is a 25 to 26 chapter,  250 page PLUS book full of some of the GREATEST STORIES  YOU NEVER HEARD.  It is truly for the WRESTLING CONFLICTED, AFFLICTED AND ADDICTED.  If you can't get enough wrestling,  then this book is your fix.   The book contains stories about the Undertaker before he was the UT,  Stone Cold before he was Stone Cold,  Sid Vicious, Iron SheikScott Hall,  Lawler, Dundee,  Abyss,  and a helluva lot more.   
Check out the table of contents.    
My Lovely Evening at an After Hours Club with
Sid Vicious and the charming Iron Sheik..another hilarious account of the three of us in a bar at 3AM with bikers, rednecks, hookers,  gays,  Afro-Americans, Latinos and Asians in a bar down South.  I can't make this stuff up people.
WRESTLERS RUNNING NAKED AT A HIGH SCHOOL GYM....a night that got wrestling barred from a town...FOREVER.  Forever is a long time,  I think its like for eternity. 
Roaming North America with Crazy People
the JBL Story
WrestleMania 11...Dutch's hilarious account of WM 11 and the ordeal he went to to get through it
Concussions in the Early Days...
Now They Tell Me  
Alcohol + A Bar + the Undertaker = a KnockOut night in the life of the Dutchman and the Undertaker as both end up in a precarious situation
Meeting Scott Hall for the First Time in Continental Wrestling
My time TNA and Vince Russo...Behind the Scenes...a behind the scenes look at a man that is probably the most polarizing figure in all of pro wrestling...of ALL TIME.   People have asked me what is my opinion of him?  For the first time,  he is the subject of the chapter and our time together behind the scenes.   Does he deserve all the criticism he gets?  One of the best chapters in the entire book.   
What I Learned in'd be surprised.
Want to Be a Tough Guy...or A Smart Guy? A look back at how young Dutch learrned how to traverse the political minefields that only wrestling can produce.  

Managing the Blu Brothers and the Night They Confronted Shaw Michaels Backstate at MSG ...a night at the Garden that Shawn wished hadn't happened.  He wasn't alone.  I do too.                                                    

WWF International  Tour... touring with the WWF, before they became corporate,  was a much different climate than now.  This chapter describes a wild start and a wild finish to one of the more bizarre tours I've ever been on.  Let's just say that a certain WWF talent had to be taken off the tour quickly because of a event that occurred that even veterans like me had never seen.  Highly detailed and funny in places.                                                                                                 

The Untold Eddie Graham Story...for all the fans who knew Eddie,  this chapter is a tribute to him as I worked with him right up to his death.  This chapter is a serious look behind the scenes of a real life tragedy...and what I might have been able to do to prevent it.                                                

Last Sellout In Memphis
 ...a first hand account of a match that sold out the Memhis Coliseum...for the LAST TIME in a match that involved Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell.   We didn't know it then...but it was the LAST SELLOUT EVER in the old Mid South fpr wrestling.  
Big Cat Ernie Ladd vs.  The Brisco Brothers in a Real Tampa Street Fight.     This confrontation was a majorly underreported story about a REAL LIFE fight between Jack and Jerry Brisco and the Big Car Ernie Ladd that took place on a Tampa side street at 2AM in the morning which resulted in an emergency room visit because the blood was flowing.  
This confrontation which occurred years ago was more or less unreported.even within the wrestling business.  This is an account that I heard directly from the mouth of one of the men involved and the whole story surrounding it.  Highly recommended read.  
The  Origin of Wrestler's Court.. how does it work....where did it start...and who created it.    Find out  here.                                                                

Murder in Tennessee and Meeting the Ku Klux Klan Face to Face Down South  ...again a true story.    
 Fighting Fans in a 7-11 Parking Lot              
Wrestling in 105 Degree Temperature                                                                       
Real Things That Happened at Wrestling Shows...crazy things that I have seen or heard of happening at wrestling shows...true stories...I always thought wrestlers were the demented one until I ran across some of these nuts      
Riding with Dead People ...this would never happen again in a million years...but it did to me. 
Where Did the Girls GO?  Years ago,  women made up about half of the LIVE EVENT audience.  Most of the guys called them "rats'.  I never did. I always referred to them as 'the little ladies of the matches'.   Today,  its almost 95% male.   Where did the little ladies of the evening go?  And why? 
There's more.  B
  Contact the Dirty Dutchman at  for any information desired.   
We are offering  SPECIAL COLLECTOR EDITION OF THE BOOK.   For the collectors out there,     you can preorder the Special  Collector Edition which includes a personally autographed copy of the book  for only $40  via PayPal.  
You can get the FULL PACKAGE Edition which includes the autographed book and a  signed 8X10 color photograph plus a University of Dutch cap for only $54.95 via PayPal.  Offer is limited to the first 250 orders.  Order your copy today just in time for Christmas.  Shipping and handling included.  
For more information, email or visit his website