Monday, November 29, 2010

RassleResults: NEW Charleston, MS 11.27.10

----NEW results from Saturday night.

-Jon Allen over Chris O'Neal
-Derrick King over RoShow
-Greg Anthony over Moe Stegall
-Dan Matthews defeated Greg Anthony in the US Jr heavyweight title match. Golden Boy filled in for Austin Lane who was unable to be at the show.
-Eric Wayne and Kid Nickels defeated Cody Melton and Justin Smart. Real good match
The first NEW house show had a hot crowd with alot of kids attending that made for a good wrestling environment. 

----I was told from 70 to 120 in the building...Also, everyone was putting over TGB for the night.  Everyone said both of his matches were real good...Lane no showing probably kept him from regaining the US JR Title.  I am guessing by looking at the results leading up to this show.  Lane had his car blow up before the show...Eric Wayne was suffering from food poison and was dehydrated. Been there, done that.  I had a trip that the crew had to stop every 15 minutes, so I could puke!!  I was just managing, but still a horrible experience - got my $5 po though!!...Smart and Melton make a good young team - they need to come up with a great name.  They could be a super over babyface team in this area.