Sunday, November 14, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 11.13.10

----Results from Tuckerman, AR.
First match:  Loose Cannon lost to "White Chocolate" Athena Eclipse thanks to Johnny Harper.  The match was set up if Cannon won, he got a title shot next week.  But if White Chocolate won, Cannon becomes her Valet.

Second match:  Ro Show and Johnny Hawk fought to a no contest.  Commissioner Enforcer made the main event match of Hot Rod and a partner(Johnny Hawk was injured during scuffle) vs Resolution(Allen Bros).

Third Match:  Mike Anthony defeated Cowboy Chris Frazier after a briefcase shot to the head.

Fourth Match:  ASWF Champion Chris Stryker beat Austin Lane by pulling the tights.

Fifth Match:  X Division Champion Seth Sabor beat Lee Michaels to retain.  Michaels attacked Sabor afterwards with help from Johnny Harper.

Main Event:  Resolution beat Hot Rod and Mike Anthony after CCR distracted Hot Rod. 

125-130 in building.

Biggest Pop:  Austin Lane & Chris Frazier.

Biggest Heat:  Mike Anthony & Chris Stryker