Sunday, November 21, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 11.20.10

----Saturday night in Tuckerman, AR.

Austin Lane opened the show and requested a title rematch with Chris Stryker.  Commissioner Enforcer came out to inform Lane that after losing to Chris Stryker that Lane had no more title shots. 

First Match:  Hot Rod & X Division Champion Seth Sabor fought to a no contest.  Johnny Hawk attacked Sabor only to be run off by Cowboy Chris Frazier.

Second Match:  Lee Michaels with Johnny Harper lost to Cowboy Chris Frazier via DQ.

Third Match:  Austin Lane defeated Mike Anthony to capture the King of the Hill contract after ASWF Champion Chris Stryker's interference backfired.  Lane stated that in two weeks he will cash in the title shot in a Last Man Standing Match.  Stryker stated that it would be Lane Vs Stryker in a no dq match tonight.  But it would be against Nikki Lane!

Hambones defeated Loose Cannon in a handicap match.  Cannon was forced to wear a dress and Granny Panties by his "employer" "White Chocolate"Athena Eclipse.

Nikki Lane defeated ASWF Champion Chris Stryker by submission when Austin Lane made it by security and clamped on a submission hold.  Nikki Lane helped apply pressure and Stryker tapped out.  Afterwards Austin Lane would not release the hold and was suspended for ten days.

Main Event:  Tag Team Champions Hawk & Hot Rod defeated Seth Sabor & Cowboy Chris Frazier.

Soon.... ASWF goes Smuve!!!!!!

Biggest pop:  Nikki Lane and Austin Lane,

Most heat:  Chris Stryker, Mike Anthony, Hawk & Hot Rod

155 in arena.