Tuesday, November 09, 2010

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 11.06.10 - The Hollywood Blondes Debut!

----Saturday night results.

"the Hollywood Blondes"

 At the beginning of the show, an announcement was made that EPW is now an "open invitation" organization. Any wrestler from the mid-south area who wants to come to EPW and wrestle any Saturday night is welcome to do so. So... not only do we never know what's going to happen at EPW, we never know who is going to show up!

Justin Rhodes defeated Buzz Harley by DQ due to interference by the Hollywood Clique.

Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and the members of the Hollywood Clique came back to the ring and Hollywood pulled a bloody head out of a bag. He said it was the head of Gary Valiant, and that Valiant would never be heard from in EPW again. Hollywood also said that it was wrong for his guys to be humiliated the previous week by getting hit with pies in their faces. Kross & JR Mauler, better known as 24/7, came out of the back and told Hollywood it was the Clique's own fault what happened to them. They then said they wanted the tag team belts currently held by Clique members Bonecrusher & Cassanova Kid. Words were exchanged, and Hollywood agreed to a match later in the night for the belts, saying that he had a big surprise for 24/7.

Robert Devine defeated Chrome w/Antoin Smooth by DQ due to interference by "Big Daddy" Neno.

Rajah over "Big Daddy" Neno w/Smooth by DQ due to interference by Chrome.

EPW Tag Team Champions Bonecrusher & Cassanova Kid w/Hollywood vs. 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) never got started. Hollywood announced prior to the match that it was to be a lumberjack match, and that the members of Smooth, Inc. would be the lumberjacks. Sarge O'Riley hit the ring and out of the back came Brody Hawk. Hollywood said, "This is my big surprise for 24/7." Sarge & Brody, along with the members of Smooth, Inc., then beat down 24/7, EPW Promoter Edith Poole, her husband Tim, and anyone else who got in their way. Chazz Stone tried to come to the aid of Edith and was beaten down also. After about 25 minutes, when the melee was finally over, Hollywood introduced his new tag team, Sarge O'Riley & Brody Hawk, "The Hollywood Blonds." They finally went to the back. Kross, JR, & Edith were all carried out on stretchers and taken for medical attention.

As I was leaving, I saw the members of the Hollywood Clique throw Edith's husband Tim Poole into the back of a SUV and drive away.

Next EPW event is this coming Saturday night, 11-13-10, at the EPW Arena on Highway 145 in Booneville, MS. Bell time is 8:00 p.m. With EPW's new "open door" policy now in play, who knows who will show up? Will Gary Valiant finally return to get his revenge on the Hollywood Clique? How will the newest Clique members, The Hollywood Blonds, change the wrestling scene in EPW? How will Edith handle the situation with Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and the Hollywood Clique? How long will the alliance between the Hollywood Clique and Smooth, Inc. last? Perhaps these questions will be answered at EPW this Saturday night. Remember, you never know what is going to happen at EPW, so don't miss it!

Kross received a severe concussion, bruised ribs, and various other injuries Saturday night. He is under a doctor's care and will be out indefinitely.

JR Mauler also received a severe concussion and internal injuries, and will also be out indefinitely.

Edith Poole received a neck injury and a concussion, but vows to be at EPW this Saturday night.

Tim Poole's condition is unknown. His whereabouts are unknown at this time. 

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @ www.wrestlingnewscenter.com