Saturday, November 27, 2010

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 11.20.10 - youtube video and CCR debut!

----EPW from last Saturday night.

It was a wild and CRAZY night!

The Hollywood Clique came to the ring, interrupting the National Anthem, and called out EPW Promoter Edith Poole. Edith did not come to the ring. Hollywood said there would be "hell to pay for Edith tonight."

Smooth, Inc. ("Big Daddy" Neno/Chrome) w/Antoin Smooth defeated Blade & "Dangerous" David Cox.

Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and the Hollywood Clique back to the ring to run their mouths. I informed them that I had received a call from Chris Rocker that there had been a death in his family and that he & Stan Lee were not going to be at EPW. Blaylock then gave the Hollywood Blondes (Brody Hawk/Sarge O'Riley) the night off since their opponents were not going to be there. Out of the crowd came Billy Russ, along with Syn & DJ Stunner. Russ issued a challenge to the Hollywood Blondes for a match later on. Match was made for later.

EPW Tag Team Champions Bonecrusher & cassanova Kid w/Blaylock cheated their way to victory over EPW Champion Rajah & Robert "The Main Factor" Devine. Edith to the ring and reversed the decision because Cassanova Kid had used a chain. Winners by reversed decision: Rajah & Robert Devine.

Hollywood was furious. He confronted Edith and demanded that she sign ownership of EPW over to him. Edith refused. Hollywood told Edith to sign, or there would be big trouble. Edith refused. The members of the Hollywood Clique came to the ring dragging Edith's husband, Tim, to the ring with them. They handcuffed Tim to the ropes. Hollywood demanded that Edith sign the company over to him. Edith refused. Tim was shouting, "don't sign, don't sign." They then cut Tim's hair off. Tim again shouted. "don't sign." Hollywood then said, "This is your fault, Edith." They then began using a taser on Tim, and a frantic Edith signed the papers transferring ownership of EPW to Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock. Blaylock then said that Tim would have to be his personal security guard in EPW, and that Edith now worked for him as well. Hollywood then said that he was reversing the decision of the previous match and that Bonecrusher & Cassanova Kid were the winners.

At that point I resigned from EPW, but agreed to stay when threatened with the taser....

Crazed Country Rebels (Wild Bill/Demon-X) with Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock defeated Blade & Chazz Stone. Hollywood has obviously added a new tag team to the Hollywood Clique....

The Hollywood Blondes w/Blaylock defeated Syn & DJ Stunner by pin fall. However, there was much controversy, as there was a double pin. But the referee said he saw only one pin and awarded the match to The Hollywood Blondes.

Yes, friends, it was a wild and crazy night....

The card this week at EPW will include Kross & Brian Christopher vs. The Hollywood Blondes. If Kross & Brian win, then Kross & JR Mauler will get a shot at the Hollywood Blondes in the near future in a steel cage.

What havoc will Hollywood & the Clique members bring to EPW this Saturday night? Will Edith and Tim do what Hollywood tells them to? Will the Hollywood Blondes prevail over Kross & Brian Christopher? Don't forget about Gary Valiant - will this be the week that he returns to get his revenge on Hollywood & the Clique? Find out the answers this Saturday night at EPW! It all happens at the EPW Arena on Highway 145 in Booneville, MS. Bell time is 8:00.

Remember, you never know who will show up at EPW or what will happen! Don't miss it!