Thursday, November 18, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 11.13.10

----EWE from Saturday night!!

----I am not a fan of gauntlet matches that they had in the main event with TGB, because I think it exposes the biz [one man beats three]..but..loved the finish of the Bishop match.  Good heel makes it seem real!
Show starts off with KC Gold making announcements about Redemption Day before interrupted by the Golden Boy. Greg Anthony comes out with the Golden Circle and talks to KC about signing Stan Lee to a contract with EWE. As Greg Anthony is talking about that Dustin Baker comes out and interrupts Greg Anthony. Greg Anthony goes over his stipulations of his match with Christian Jacobs at Redemption Day. Golden Boy is making a "no disqualification" match, Beautiful Bobby Eaton as his special enforcer, and Brian Thompson as the special guest referee. His stipulations were because of the vicious "assault" by Christian Jacobs. (A few weeks ago, Dustin Baker allowed Christian Jacobs to continue to spear Golden Boy repeatedly after a match.) Dustin accepts these terms, but continues to make the main event match with the Golden Boy but with stipulations of his own. The main event is a Gauntlet Match.

Rude vs EWE Ultimate Division Champion Blaine Devine
Rude really took it "old school" on Blaine Devine during this match. Rude really taught the lesson of respect to your veterans in the business. As Rude was really on fire in this match, he gets distracted, Blaine sets up for the flying cross body and lands the 1, 2, 3.
Blaine wins

J.R. Manson vs. Eric Wayne
Match was really good. J.R. is really starting to work the crowd and getting them involved with the matches. Eric stuck it to J.R. most of the match until he was cut off with a shot to the head with a metal briefcase by Kellen James, J.R. Manson's manager.J.R. tries to go for the pin, but Eric rolls up J.R. with a modified sunset. Eric Wayne wins - Ike Tucker comes out after Eric's victory and begins to beat up Eric Wayne. After Ike and J.R. had some time in with Eric, Kid Nikels comes running out to help make the save.

Kid Nikels vs. Ike Tucker
another real solid match. Ike is beginning to grow darker and darker with his attitude. He mentioned that had an "intervention" with voodoo. This could explain a lot with his attitude. Kid really held his weight in this match. Kid rolls up Ike with assistance with the ropes and wins.
Kid Nikels wins - J.R. Manson comes out and starts fighting Kid along with Ike's assistance. Then Eric Wayne comes out and starts helping Kid . All four men start really taking it to each other until Dustin Baker breaks up the chaos and makes a tag-team match for Redemption Day.
Premier Brutality vs. J.R. Manson and Ike Tucker

Golden Boy Greg Anthony in a Gauntlet Match
vs Dan Matthews - Dan, only second match in EWE, really tore into Greg Anthony to this match. Golden Boy turned the match around with great counters and pins Dan Matthews.
vs. Moe Stegal - Moe, a great new comer to EWE showed great skill in the ring along with some high flies. Golden Boy was still just too much for Moe and was pinned 1, 2, 3.
vs. Bishop - Bishop came out looking awesome for this match. Really big pop from the crowd. Bishop showed phenomenal strength putting it to Golden Boy. As the match went on, the ref gets bumped and as Bishop was distracted, Golden Boy throws powder into Bishops face. As Bishop was blinded and the ref trying to come back to...Golden Boy runs and grabs a plastic bag. Golden Boy puts the plastic bag over Bishop and brings him down to his knees, almost to the verge of passing out. Golden Boy pins Bishop, ref catches it 1, 2, 3.

Golden Boy sneaks out of the ring and building once he realizes that Bishop came to and was not happy at all.

Redemption Day 11.20.2010
Tickets $8
Ripley High School Students w/ valid ID get in for $2