Monday, November 22, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 11.20.10 - Christian Jacobs new EWE Champion!!

----EWE from Saturday night in Ripley, TN.

----I loved the finish of the main event.  I actually got a text from one of the workers on the show that said, "This was the greatest finish to a match I have ever seen live."  Come on guys - send me a DVD!!

EWE Ultimate Division Championship match
UDC Blaine Devine vs Christian Shane
Match starts out as Christian Shane coming out as the "mystery opponent" for Blaine Devine. It was a good mystery considering the fact that this was Shane's debut match in EWE Ultimate. Shane showed good skill in the ring, but Blaine was able to capitalize with his cross body off the top rope and get the victory over this match.
Blaine wins

Tag Team Match
J.R. Manson & Ike Tucker w/ Kellen James vs Premiere Brutality
This match was hot from the start. J.R. Manson received a lot of heat from the crowd and the slap in the face of Manson from Kid Nikels really kicked things off for this match. This match was nothing but brutal. About halfway through the match J.R. and Ike start working on the injured shoulder of Kid Nikels. Kellen James helped assist the torture of the injured shoulder while the referee was distracted. In the end Kid took a lot of punishment during this match but was able to tag in Eric Wayne. With a little chaos braking out Eric Wayne was able to roll up J.R. and take the win for this match.
Premiere Brutality wins

#1 contenderhip invitational for EWE Ultimate Division Championship
Dan Matthews vs Moe Stegall
This match started out just like good old fashion mat wrestling. Both competitors really stayed on top of each other with counter after counter. Moe, being half the size of Matthews, really stuck with this match and held his weight. Matthews, a great powerhouse in this match, showed really good skill with using his strength to hit Stegall with some great powerful moves. Moe, able to stay on top of this match was able to pin Matthews for the 1, 2, 3.
After the match Moe gets on the microphone and cashes in his invitational. He challenges Blaine Devine for the Ultimate Division Championship.

This match was good considering that both athletes have competed already during the evening. Moe tried his best to prove he was worthy of his first title shot, but came out unsuccessful. Blaine Devine retained the U.D.C. title.
Blaine wins

#1 Contendership for EWE Heavyweight championship
Bishop vs Jon Michael
Nothing better describes this match than powerful. Both these guys really took it to each other during this match. Bishop with his dominate strength and Jon Michael with his skill and submission knowledge. These two guys went at it giving it their all, until Kellen James, Ike Tucker, and J.R. Manson came out and started a distraction during this match. Jon Michael was able to keep his mind in the match until Kellen James jumped on the apron. Jon Michael grabs Kellen and drags him in the ring. J.R. Manson then jumps up only to meet the fist of Jon Michael. Ike Tucker then jumps up on the apron yet again to meet the fist of Jon Michael. Then Dustin Baker, trying to restore order, jumps on the apron and meets the fist of Jon Michael. Jon Michael distracted over the act that he just committed, gets rolled up by an over zealous Bishop. Bishop wins the #1 Contendership.
Jon Michael, upset, tried to help Dustin Baker up and apologize for his actions but only meets an angry commissioner and his suspended for a week. Commissioner Baker upset over Jon Michaels negligence sets the tone that he is not going to tolerate anybody's actions.

Main Event
EWE Heavyweight Championship Match
Christian Jacobs vs. Golden Boy Greg Anthony
Special guest referee Brian Thompson
Special enforcer "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton

At the beginning of this match, everything clearly showed that the odds were stacked against Christian Jacobs. Brian Thompson really stuck it to this match with any opportunity to help Golden Boy. At ringside, there were three other special guests. J.R. Manson, Ike Tucker, and Kellen James. Every chance they had to help Golden Boy out they were there. Christian Jacobs held his weight in this match regardless of the stipulations. Christian Jacobs managed to lock in the "sharpshooter" on Golden Boy and Brian Thompson walks away and goes to Bobby Eaton. Golden Boy was clearly tapping out but the referee didn't see it.

Out of nowhere Referee, Caleb, comes running out and argues with Brian Thompson that Golden Boy was tapping out. As this was going on, out of nowhere Moe Stegal jumps J.R. Manson, then Blaine comes out and jumps Ike Tucker. Tired of arguing with Brian Thompson, Caleb plants an awesome dropkick on Thompson. After Caleb is up he meets Golden Boy and gets hit with Golden Boy's modified Stunner. As the fighting on the outside of the ring is digressing to the back, Golden Boy gets Bobby Eaton in the ring to help set up Christian Jacobs for the pin. Bobby Eaton turned on Golden Boy and set him up for the spear from Christian Jacobs.
Bobby Eaton, as enforcer, counts the 1, 2, 3. NEW CHAMP!!!
Christian Jacobs wins and is the NEW EWE Ultimate Champion!!

crowd around 130
S.A.W. comes back to EWE December 18th, 2010