Sunday, November 28, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 11.27.10

----Results from Saturday night.
Show starts out with Dustin Baker coming to the ring holding the EWE heavyweight title. Baker makes the announcement that he wants to formally introduce the new EWE heavyweight champion and properly present the title to Christian Jacobs.

Jacobs comes out and graciously accepts the the title and as a celebration speech was about to take place Pokerface comes out and interrupts Baker and CJ. Pokerface issues a challenge to CJ for the EWE heavyweight championship and Christian Jacobs accepts the challenge openly and the two gentleman shake hands and Pokerface leaves the ring.

Brandon Espinosa vs Jason Static
This match really set the pace for the night. It was constant nonstop action between these two men. Brandon really showed his talent and stuck it to Jason Static in this match.
Brandon Espinosa wins

J.R. Manson w/ Kellen James vs Ty Hamilton
J.R. Manson is really starting to shine with the heat he gets from all the fans in Ripley. The crowd is really disliking Manson at this point. Ty Hamilton really did show great skill and strength during this match. Kellen James, being on the outside of the ring, helped J.R. set up a major upset but constantly interfering with the match. Ty Hamilton, after being distracted by Kellen James, turns around and meets the "code breaker" and J.R. gets the win
Ty, upset over the loss, demands a rematch and wants to continue the match right then. Kellen accepts the challenge, but instead of Ty facing J.R. he will face Ike Tucker.
Ike comes up from behind and blindsides Ty. Ike was in control of this match most of the night. Ike went to do his finish, but Ty counters and maneuvers out of Ike's finish. Ike, upset about what about took place, goes after the ref. Ty uses this to his advantage and rolls up Ike Tucker for the win Ike, J.R. Manson, and Kellen James all jump Ty Hamilton and start lighting into him. Dustin Baker comes running into the ring and tries to break up the beat-down and get the trio out of the ring. Dustin gets pushed by Kellen and J.R. but Dustin fights back and continues to suspend J.R. and Kellen. Baker threatens to do the same to Ike if he didn't leave the ring as well.

Rude vs Chase King
A new comer to EWE, Chase King, faces non other than Naughty by Nature's Rude. Rude a veteran in the business really took it to Chase and "showed him the ropes." Chase finally started to come back in the match, but just wasn't quick enough. Rude counters Chase from the middle rope and sets him up for the T.K.O.
Rude wins

Main Event for the EWE heavyweight championship
Pokerface vs EWE champion Christian Jacobs
Before the match started, Rude came out and had a few words to say about Pokerface. In the end he wanted to make it clear that he has not forgotten what Pokerface has done and that Pokerface needs to grow eyes in the back of his head.
Pokerface and Christian Jacobs really showed what it is like to have a great old school heavyweight championship match. During the heat of the moment, Poker goes for the spin kick and misses CJ and catches the ref. CJ gets up and spears Pokerface. The ref begins to count but stops and 2 and passes out. CJ gets up and tries to make the ref come to, but gets cut off by Pokerface. Pokerface tries to put CJ in a modified version of the "Boston Crab" but CJ was able to counter out. CJ gradually gets back up and connects with another spear to Pokerface. This time CJ was able to capitalize the match.
Christian Jacobs wins
Pokerface takes the title from the ref and presents it back to Christian Jacobs and shakes his hand.

Crowd about 90