Sunday, November 07, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 11.05.10

---MCW from Friday night.

1st match - Big Daddy Lafonce & Chris Steele won by DQ over the Hambones due to outside interference from Pokerface !!!

2nd match - Lucky retained his Cruiserweight championship with a win over newcomer Jake Jones !!!
3rd match - Loose Cannon wins over Rik Burton when Rashard gets kicked in the face from a Burton boot !!! Big pop on the win !!!
4th match - Big Daddy has a handicap match against Pokerface & Lance Beaudreaux !! Pokerface & Rashard get cocky and think they have the match !! Big Daddy reverses Lance into the skullbuster for the pin and win !! Good match !!
5th match - All American Frankie Tucker & Hillbilly Tucker defeated Officer Hudson & Big Al !!!
Crowd was up a little and we appreciate the support of the fans !!! God bless !!! Thanks RRO for your support !!!