Sunday, November 28, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 11.16.10 - Tucker & PKO Team!

----Results from MCW on Friday night.

1st match - The returning Cowboy Frasier defeated Adrian Stratton with a quick rollup !!!

Big Daddy Lafonce comes out to call Frankie Tucker out to find out his problem !! He let's Tucker know that he is no longer his partner & throws the belt at Tucker !! When he turns his back Tucker nails him !!! Out runs Pokerface to help !! You'll never believe who runs out to help Big Daddy ?!! V-man !! V-man is now helping Big Daddy !!! They set up a match later with Big Daddy & V-man vs Pokerface & Tucker
2nd match - Hambones 1&2 defeat Loose Cannon & Big Al !!!
3rd match - A handicap tag title match Plowboy Tucker & Chris Idol get annihilated by Frankie Tucker !!
4th match - Lance Beaudreaux & JT Storm over the team of Chris Steele & Biscuit !! Good tag team action !! Lance hits Biscuit with the spear for the 1,2,3 !!
5th match - Pokerface & Frankie T defeated the team of Big Daddy Lafonce & V-man !!! Hot tag to V-man !! V goes for a splash in the corner on FT !! Tucker pulls the ref in front !! He's now out !!! Tucker jumps out grabs the belt nails V !! Tucker celebrates , he turns around Big Daddy nails him !! Big Daddy has Tucker pinned !! Pokerface comes off the top rope to nail Big Daddy for the pin & the win !! Good pop for V-man & Big Daddy !! Tucker & Poker have a lot of heat !! Thanks MCW fans and God Bless !!!