Sunday, November 21, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 11.19.10

----Friday night from MCW.

1st match - JT Storm , Big Al , & Hambone #1 in a triple threat match !! Your winner JT Storm !!

2nd match - Plowboy Tucker gets a vicious beatdown from Pokerface !! Your winner Pokerface !!!
3rd match - All American Frankie Tucker has Officer Hudson beat when out runs Pokerface & Lance Boudreaux !! Big Daddy runs out to save Tucker !! Tucker then announces that he has Big Daddy's back all the way !! They shake hands !! Your winner Frankie Tucker !!!
4th match - Big Daddy Lafonce has Cannon rockin & reelin when out runs Pokerface & Officer Hudson !! They're giving him a good beating when Tucker runs out, stops half way up the aisle and turns around to go back to  the dressing room !! WT? !!! Your winner Big Daddy Lafonce !!!
5th match - Little Lucky & Lance Boudreaux against Chris Idol & Chris Steele !! Chris Steele has Lance pinned when Lucky jumps in & nails Steele with the belt !! Referee doesn't see it and counts Steele out !! Your winners Lucky & Lance !!! Thanks MCW fans and God Bless !!!