Friday, November 05, 2010

RassleResults: Memphis Wrestling Whitehaven Plaza Memphis, TN 11.04.10 - Brian Christopher New Southern Champion!!!

----A new Southern Champion was crowned last night!!

----A tournament was held last night at a show run by Kevin Lawler. 
Brian Christopher
-First Round

-Derrick King beat Cody Melton
-Brian Christopher beat Eric Wayne
-Johnny Dotson beat Jocephus 
-Stan Lee beat Wolfe D

Semi Finals
-Derrick King beat Stan Lee
-Brian Christopher beat Johnny Dotson

-Brian Christopher beat Derrick King to win the Southern Title.

----Crowd was in the 200 range...The event was filmed...I was told the guys rode out in a smaller ring ala Wrestlemania 3...Ok, so wikipedia is listing Steven Dunn as the last Southern Champion [1997], then Kryponite [Simon Reed] MCW 2001 and then Jerry Lawler winning the  belt in Memphis by beating Shock [aka Spellbinder] in a tournament in April, 2008 that I do not remember? Somebody help me out here!?