Sunday, November 28, 2010

RassleResults: SSW Thanksgiving Night Kingsport, TN 11.25.10

----Results from SSW.
Southern States Wrestling 19th Annual Thanksgiving Night Extravaganza "The Last Dance" at the National Guard Armory in Kingsport,TN: Mike Cooper pinned Jamie Gibson... Steve Flynn pinned Shane Royal... O Dog and Michael Star beat Doug Gibson and Adam Sullins... Mountain Goat Jack beat Bobo Brown in a match where the loser was tarred and feathered... Misty James pinned Ladies Champion Rebecca Lynn to win the Title... Ray Idol pinned Dan Costa with Nevaeh Starr... Heavy Weight Champion Frank Parker with James McHone beat TV Champion Beau James to win the Title... The Iron Cross and Bulldog Mac beat Tag Team Champions John Noble and Earl Fields for the Titles
This was the last event at the Armory. SSW moves into the brand new 132.000 square foot Kingsport Armory at Mt Carmel (Kingsport Suburb) Christmas Night.....This was SSW's 145 event at The Armory. SSW started running there in 1991. Made it the home building in fall of 99.
 Beau James opened the night talking about being there for 20 years and thanked many of the fans by name... He also closed the night thanking everyone again and telling them what they mean to him and his family for their support. They played the Last Dance song and Beau dance in the ring with his wife Misty as many others danced in the crowd...The DVD of the Event will be out this coming week.
Front Page Story today in Kingsport Times News about SSW Thanksgiving Night Wrestling and History of the Armory Wrestling
 WWE Hall oF Fame Member "Handsome" Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant is coming out of retirement Christmas Night to team with Beau James and Ray Idol to face Frank Parker, James McHone, and Steve Flynn