Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RAW is Lawler!!

----"The King" made an appearance last night in the main event.

----Here is the report by Bryan Alverez from www.wrestlingobserver.com and the photo is from www.wwe.com.

Miz came out for his championship celebration. He was wearing an appalling plaid jacket. Cole was jumping up and down and going "WHOO~!" Miz said he had a huge celebration planned but he had something better, a slide show of the pissed off little girl from last week who is now an Internet wrestling sensation. "That girl will forever be known as The Miz Girl, and I want to thank her." He then cut a wild promo saying this was for the JBLs, the HHHs and the John Cenas who had always said he'd never amount to anything. But what about Randy Orton, he asked. Randy, he said, wasn't there due to a knee injury. This was bullshit, he intimated. The only thing injured on Orton, he said, was his pride. "Now he is ashamed to show his face!" He said he shouldn't be because Orton was just the first in a long list of people he was going to demoralize. He vowed to be the longest-reigning WWE Champion in history. Well, that's not going to happen. He said if anyone was ever told that they couldn't do something, couldn't achieve their dream, "believe them. Because you can't!" He said it took an exceptional person to do that, which he was and the fans weren't. I'm one in a billion, he said, because I actually have achieved my dreams. He said Roddy Piper came here two weeks ago and said in his generation they went out and they made things happen. Rowdy never made anything happen, he said. He showed the history of the WWE Championship book and noted that Roddy's name was nowhere to be found. He said Roddy never won it, Ricky Steamboat never won it, the list went on and on. Lawler finally stood up. He said he'd never won a title either, but he wanted to congratulate Miz. With that said, he noted, Miz beat a guy who had already been attacked by seven other people. He said that might make Miz clever and an opportunist, but in his book that didn't make him awesome. Miz said that sounded like the ramblings of a bitter old man who fought for decades and never did what he did in one night. Cole told King to stop. He said King had been burying Miz all night, this was his night and his celebration and Lawler should let him have his moment. Lawler said he was right, but he wanted to tell Miz one last thing -- if he was really champion he'd call someone down to the ring right now who hadn't been beaten up by seven men and making an example out of them. Cole said if you don't shut up, Miz might make an example out of you. Lawler said you know what, some of those guys who were never champions are on that list because they never had a championship opportunity. He noted he'd been here since 1993 and had never had a WWE Title match. He said if Miz was the champion he said he was, he should give Lawler a shot tonight. Miz said that was a great idea but he wasn't interested in defending tonight. Lawler said Miz clearly just verified what he was saying -- he might be a champion, but he wasn't awesome. "You're a coward." Miz was calling him a shell of a Hall of Famer when the GM dinged in. What a coincidence. GM announced that Miz would, in fact, be defending the title tonight against Lawler. Fans chanted "JERRY!" GM added that in three weeks they'd be promoting the TLC PPV, and what better way to build it up than to make the main event tonight a TLC. Um. Not sure about that idea. This was an awesome segment though.

Miz vs. Jerry Lawler for the WWE Title in a TLC match. Riley, for whatever reason, came out with the Money in the Bank briefcase. It was noted that this was Jerry Lawler's birthday. Miz beat on Lawler and then called for a ladder. As Riley was getting it ready Lawler made a comeback with repeated chairshots to Miz's back. Lawler punched Riley outside and set up a chair. Miz tried to send Lawler into a ladder but Lawler did a switch and backdropped Miz onto the ladder. That had to suck. Near the finish Lawler walloped him and Miz fell off the post through a table outside. Lawler started to climb but Michael Cole jumped up and ran over to help Miz. Punk said Cole was completely out of line here. Place was going nuts for Lawler. Cole of all people got in the ring and grabbed Lawler's foot. Lawler was shocked. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Cole begged off and said he didn't mean it. Lawler gave him his awesome punch and started to ground-and-pound him. Miz went to climb and Lawler went after him. They fought on top of the ladder. The fans were going wild. Miz finally swung the belt into his face, Lawler fell off the ladder and Miz grabbed the belt for the win.