Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Rector Drama: Inside the Dressing Room

----This came from a source inside the dressing room that would rather remain anonymous.

Well best I can tell and I was there in the dressing room, the worker that calls himself KoKo [Anderson] came in and started changing things and booking the matches. KoKo was supposed to be a partner in this from what I have heard. He asked for half of the concessions but did not put anything into it. He did not promote the show, did not put out fliers, didn't do anything. Apparently. Biscuit called Frank Martin and asked him if he would come in and manage Gunner Vicious - that's the only reason Martin was there. Biscuit came to Martin and asked him to help him and Martin told him he should not have a partner ever! He told him to run his own show and that he would help him when he needed it. One of the guy's [Tim Edwards] in KoKo's group wanted his po early because they had a Halloween party to go to. Biscuit told him to get it from KoKo because KoKo booked him. Well that's when the group decided to walk out after two matches. Biscuit confronted them in the ring and some ugly words were exchanged in front of the crowd. Both Biscuit and KoKo were very unprofessional. Then when KoKo's group was asked to leave they claimed someone stole one of their belts. We looked over the building and under the ring. 5 minutes later the belt was found under the ring. They left and that was it. The wrestling was not very good and there was only 21 in the building.

Biscuit has a lot to learn about running shows. I personally don't know KoKo or any of the guy's that were in his group but they were talking shit before the show and talking loud enough for all to hear about being in LAW and being with Derrick King. You know all the JR high shit guys do when they are not real professional wrestlers. Biscuit tried to shoot on KoKo over the mic just really dumb unprofessional shit like that. Some of the guys talked with Biscuit after the show about his behavior and how to handle the situation. He was told him to tell people up front no one gets paid until after the show. One of the workers who was there told me KoKo and the group had this planned before I even got there. But that is all that happened if anything else is said it either is a lie or happened before I got there.