Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Showtime All-Star Wrestling TV Review by Larry Goodman

----SAW TV review from Larry Goodman.

Showtime All-Star Wrestling
Airing on November 6, 2010 on America One
Taped August 22, 2010 in Nashville at the Stadium Inn

Last Week on SAW…Flash Flanagan beat Johnny Bandana and challenged Rick Santel to a hardcore match…Tommy Mercer crushed Jake Slater and said he was coming for Chase Stevens’ SAW International Championship...The problems between Derrick King Enterprises and Picture Perfect escalated in the locker room. Then, they got their wires crossed leading to a Christian Jacobs loss against Ryan Genesis.

Michael Graham did the preview segment coming to us from the Stadium Inn.

Earlier tonight…”King of the Hill from Knoxville” Shane Williams talked about beating Kerry Von Erich at Super Clash III. “Thank God, the referee decided to end the match when I had Kerry Von Erich beat and I became the World Class Heavyweight Champion. But this time, Arrick Andrews, you’re not going to be so lucky. Cuz as “The King of Memphis”, I plan on not just showing you why they call me “The King”. I plan on teaching you a lesson kid, that you’re not ever going to forget.”

Graham was joined by Reno Riggins on commentary. Graham said the whole king thing was going to Williams’ head. Riggins put over USWO/ATL and Tony Falk.


The commentary highlighted Williams 0-2 vs. Andrews thus far in SAW. Tempers boiled over on the stalemate lock up, Andrews lit into Williams. When Williams lost his belt, Reno said he didn’t any junk flying out. It developed into a see saw battle with both men getting near falls. Coming out a commercial break, Williams was in control with a modified camel clutch. Andrews came to life with a springboard back elbow that left both men down. Andrews battered Williams with right hands, hit a stellar corner clothesline, then a spinning back kick, and Williams barely rolled a shoulder. Andrews ate it big time charging in. Williams picked up his crown and let referee Kurt Herron take it away from him. While Herron was aimlessly wandering around holding the decoy, Williams tried to clock Andrews with the chain he had wrapped around his fist. Andrews ducked and went for the Dragon’s Curse (tornado kick). Williams ducked and clocked him with the chain for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Williams in 8:20.

Paul Adams and Rick Santel responded to Flash Flanagan’s request for a hardcore match. They were on location at one of the A Team’s favorite haunts, The Eldorado, “or as me and Rick liked to call it, the All the Way Inn.” The place was in shambles. It looked like it had been shut down for years. They joked about David Young staying there last week. Adams said he spent a month there one night with the Olsen Twins. Santel got serious. He was a professional wrestler that did wrestling moves like the Santel Slam, not someone that used trash can lids and such. Santel said two obstacles prevented him from becoming the SAW International Champion over the last year: his knee injury and Flanagan. Santel said they were working on something with their attorney that would rock the foundation of SAW. Santel said Flanagan was calling him a liar and a cheater. “I only cheat at two things, women and monopoly. And you can guarantee this, although your head it is flat, and you do need some form of support, I do not see Park Place or Boardwalk or a little puppy dog on top of your head.” Santel said Flanagan would not pass go, would not collect $200 and would not receive a get out of the Rick Santel ass whipping for free card. Santel invited Flanagan to step inside his hardcore playground.


Two babyfaces still seeking their first slngles win in SAW. Most of the match was consumed with back and forth chain wrestling. It was solid stuff. The commentary got across that Melton was trying to do the right things, even though he kept coming up empty. Melton dropkicked J-Rod and kept him grounded for a bit. J-Rod broke out the strikes and tried for the Superman knee. Melton had it scouted and used a flying forearm to regain control. Melton showed frustration with not being able to put J-Rod away with a standing leg lariat, so he tried it again. Always questionable strategy. J-Rod ducked and hit the Superman knee for the pin. Melton reluctantly accepted J-Rod’s handshake.

WINNER: J-Rod in 6:10.

Grumpy’s Bail Jumper of the Week was a repeat appearance by Sandra Gail Hopkins.

3 -- SAW International Title Match: Champion CHASE STEVENS vs. “Merciless” TOMMY MERCER

Pops for both intros but the one for Stevens was significantly louder. No feeling out process here. Stevens came out throwing closed fists, and for the first time in his SAW career, Mercer was on the defensive for more than a few seconds. Stevens had two near falls before Mercer knew what hit him. Mercer fired back and the match was turning into a war. Stevens was doing all kinds of nasty things to Mercer’s knee. Mercer kept trying to brawl his way out of trouble. Mercer starting grinding on Stevens with a neck vise. Stevens kicked out of a cravate neckbreaker. Stevens reversed into a leglock and Mercer made the ropes. Stevens got a half crab that had fans chanting for the tap out. Mercer managed to break the hold. Moments later, Mercer’s leg gave way on a double underhook suplex, driving Stevens’ face into the mat. Stevens rolled out of the ring writhing in agony. Mercer clutched at his leg, then got this evil grin on his face when he saw the shape Stevens was in. Mercer pounced on Stevens. Referee Joe Williams tried to intervene. Mercer kneed him in the gut and tossed him into the ring. Kurt Herron came out. Mercer knocked him on his ass and gave Stevens a DDT on the concrete. Graham said he felt the floor shake. Ref #3 Jesse Fields got decked as well. Mercer climbed into the ring and gave Williams the Mercy Kill. Reno said Mercer would be fined and suspended. Mercer hauled Fields into the ring and gave him one as well. The ref destruction got the best pops of the hour. The show closed with Mercer rising to his feet with the crowd chanting “one more time”. .

WINNER: Stevens retains in 12:15 via a DQ mostly likely, No official decision rendered as Mercer laid out all three refs.

Afterthoughts: This was the best of the three Stadium Inn episodes hands down. The wild and totally unexpected turn of events that closed the show was riveting viewing. It was wonderfully ambiguous. Did Mercer just snap? He said the title was his goal, but he only seemed interested in taking Stevens out. In any case, I loved his maniacal intensity. He needed to be more consistent in selling that knee, though. Mercer’s ringwork is still way ahead of his experience level, but his promos and facial expressions are even further ahead than his in ring ability. Stevens is far and away SAW’s top babyface star. The fans see him on another level entirely as compared to Flanagan, Vordell Walker and Genesis…It was interesting that the champion immediately broke the rules without provocation. I guess he was aware of the body count Mercer was piling up, although that point wasn’t brought out on the commentary…It’s a sadistic bunch at the Stadium Inn, the way they were into the ref abuse…The Eldorado Motel vignette was entertaining, although the motel had nothing to do with Santel’s message. I guess you had to be pretty hardcore to stay there. Adams is great at finding locations thick with atmosphere for the vignettes...J-Rod got a much needed win. They were coming off the situation in Algood, where J-Rod and Walker came within an eyelash of winning the tag titles, when the guy had never won a match in SAW…When it comes to having good matches, Williams and Andrews are now 3 for 3. The finishing sequence was beautiful, except what was up with Herron? All he had to do was set the freaking crown down in the corner…It’s a shame they have to use that rinky dink looking low ring at the Stadium Inn, because otherwise it’s a good set up for TV studio style wrestling, especially with a hot crowd. They must have had the crowd noise too low in the sound mix on this set of Stadium Inn episodes, because I know the place was cooking during that main event, and that aspect didn’t come through well at all on TV…This was a wrestling-heavy episode and all of good quality. Thumbs up.