Monday, November 08, 2010

SAW TV taping 11/7

----SAW TV tapings from Saturday night.

55 attended.
Chris Michaels beat Jon Michael Worthington in 9:00 with a superkick.
Jesse Emerson (with Paul Adams, Oh My God It's Rick Santel, and Alexis) beat Blaine Devine in 5:00 by submission with the Tortfeasor (kind of a Boston crab/chicken wing combo). In a post-match interview by Jason James, Adams introduced Emerson as the newest member of the A-Team, specifically as their "legal counsel". Santel stopped getting all snuggly with Alexis for a moment to tell us that he was taking legal action against SAW  (re: the Flash Flanagan attack) and after his legal victory he would changed the name to OMG Wrestling.
Jocephus beat Sexy C in 2:00 with a chokeslam.
Hammerjack beat Casey Kage in 8:00 with his slop drop.
Nick Iggy beat "Teen Sensation" Drew Haskins (w/Johnny Bandana & Sister O'Feelya) in 9:00 with a small package after Haskins had suplexed him from the top turnbuckle. Iggy then received an extended "sore loser attack". O'Feelya had the Motown look going today which was interesting since I had played Motown for the pre-show house music.
Johnny Bandana (w/"Teen Sensation" Drew Haskins & Sister O'Feelya) beat JP Magnum in 9:00 with a DDT after O'Feelya had hairsprayed Magnum's eyes.

Reno Riggins was absent, so Paul Adams ran things in the back. Jesse Fields was the only ref today. Chuck Black served as ring announcer (I believe he has been doing this in Columbia as well). Emerson's entrance theme has like a lawyer commercial in the background, lol. Taping was over in an hour and 45 minutes with about a 15 minute intermission. They were giving free passes for more TV taping this coming Saturday in Columbia.
Credit: Jimmie Daniel