Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wayne's World: "Giving Thanks" by Eric Wayne

----New Thanksgiving edition of Wayne's World.

Giving Thanks

With all the bitching and complaining going on at times, its hard to keep track of what's really important. Its hard to see through the smoke and find the bright spots in a dull business, but it can be done. Will everyone agree with what's good and bad? Of course not. But if that mattered, I wouldn't have anything to write about!

We all know about lack of training/poor training and how it affects wrestling. But what about those out there trying to make a difference, the ones "in the trenches" as someone recently put it. What about the people trying to turn this industry around? We never seem to give much thought to those people. People like Jon Micheal, Bert Prentice, Ken Wayne, Sir Mo, TGB, Dustin Starr, Christian Jacobs, and dozens of other guys are doing what they can to make this business a better place. For every Demon X and Shannon Lee, there's someone like Moe Stegall. A kid who hasn't been wrestling long and still makes mistakes in the ring, but he wants to learn and be better than anyone ever dreamed. There are a ton of guys with egos but if you look around, there are some that don't have an ego and are willing to learn as much as they can. These are the guys that can change our business for the better. They're consistently around people they can learn from and soak up what knowledge they can. Besides the guys willing to learn, there are those that we can learn from..guys like Shane Williams or Chase Stevens are guys that understand this business and make it something worth spending money on. 

For every horribly embarrassing promotion, there are one or two that present wrestling the way it should be. Just going by the in-ring product, its hard to beat NEW, EWE, or SAW. Granted I've never wrestled for SAW, knowing the level of talent that works there...its hard NOT to have a couple of good matches on every show.
I'm thankful for the promoters and owners that run wrestling the right way. We all know there isn't much money in wrestling and while that might be why so many treat it as a hobby. Its still a good feeling to know there are a lot of people out there that treat this like a business. Thank you to the credible promotions for employing talented wrestlers. Thank you to the fans for supporting real wrestling. We all appreciate your cheers and boos and we appreciate your support. We all need to remember that without the fans, there is nowhere for us to wrestle. Thank you to guys like TGB, Rude, Motley Cruz, Dustin Starr, Derrick King, Brian Thompson, Ken Wayne, Byron Wilcott, Brian Christopher, Wolfie D, Jon  Micheal, Alan Steele,  Austin Lane, and so many others. Without these guys and others like them, it wouldn't be near as much fun to travel to all these different towns and entertain the people. Its not always about being the best technical wrestler or being able to draw a huge crowd. Sometimes, its just about entertaining the people that are there. Whether its the one or two good matches on a bad show that save the night, or a show that impresses from the first match to last...when the crowd leaves satisfied, its proof that something went right.