Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wednesday Conversation with Terrance Ward

----Terrance Ward joined us via Facebook for this week's Conversation.

John Steele and Terrance Ward
-First off, let's talk about your recent departure from ASWF? You have been with that company for awhile and seem to end with a dispute?

I started my wrestling career with the ASWF at the age of 16 in December of 2006 and ended it on October 9, 2010. Now as to the details as to why I quit I am going to keep it between me and the promoter David Walls and those who were there that night. I feel it would be more professional to leave the dispute in the lockeroom. I do not hold any grudges against David Walls and wish him the best in the future including the ASWF Crew.

-You have become the main face of NEW when it comes to announcing doing a lot of shows solo. What kind pressure is that?

Well, I don’t like to be considered the main face of NEW. I feel that my partner John Steele deserves a lot of credit for the work he does and has done for NEW. When it comes to announcing show solo for one it’s a lot of pressure because for most of the show your voice is the only one that is heard. You are constantly doing numerous jobs, announcing, time keeping, and introductions, with that the pressure is intense. Not to mention it’s NEW, the only Mid-South Promotion to be on TV for two consecutive years. [Taping TV for over 100 weeks - on TV since 2.10] So that in it’s own is a lot of pressure it’s unlike house shows where the announcing is over the PA, this is taped for TV. So not only is the live audience listening to you the TV audience is as well.

-NEW is called a "training center." What have you learned during your stay?

Oh God, I have learned so much since I started over a year ago. I would have never guessed the professionalism, time, and effort that is put into this promotion [NEW]. I have learned so many things about TV production in general that when I was working for the ASWF and producing the last two months of their TV I incorporated a lot of NEW ideas to the show as possible and it worked. Everything from cues to commercial spots. I have learned what I can say to the camera that I can’t say to the live audience. I would encourage anyone that is wanting to make a living or better there craft to call Ken Wayne and enroll in his school.

-You have watched a numerous of NEW and ASWF shows this year - what would you consider the top match or top guys you have seen??

Brian being the nice guy that I am and know how desperate for hits you are, hint asking me for an interview, LOL, I will answer both. I will brutally honest about the comparison between the both of them….there is no comparison. NEW is in my eyes the WWE of the Indy Circuit in the Mid-South. One of the best matches I have seen was recently, Justin Smart vs Moe Stegall. These two gave it a lot of energy and gave the fans what they paid to see, action. There are others from NEW that if I were to name it would take too long to type. Some of the top guys I have seen are from NEW, now there are some from the ASWF that I would like to see make it and I believe have the talent but need more training. From the ASWF, Seth Sabor and Cason McClain (Who now resides in Florida). I could also throw Tatt2’s name out there as well…just hope he is not wearing tape…LMAO!!!

-You have also been working with Mo's new promotion? Give us details on that and your opinion of your experience so far??

I have gained a great friendship from Sir Mo and think the man has offered a lot to the business and still has some to offer if those who want to learn will listen. I think that XCW given the right amount of talent and time could blossom into something great. But time will only tell.

-How do you work with John Steele every week?? LOL

Very carefully…No in reality John is a very pleasant guy to be around, if he likes you. John and I have had a lot of conversations in the past and some recent about the business and even put some of our collective thoughts to YouTube, which didn’t get a very good review, oh well.

-Final notes?? Want to put anything over you are doing??

Actually as far as wrestling goes I think NEW will be my only home for now as a permanent place of announcing, and as far as an ASWF return, I don’t see one for a long time. As a note from my personal life pepper spray sucks do not resist Law Enforcement, or be one and have to get sprayed with it to carry it…LOL. I do have a special treat for Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and EPW in December though, look out Jimmy I will see you soon…By the way don't forget to look at my blog over at!