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(WGN) Nov 12, 2010: Former Diva shoots adult movie, Linda McMahon says he won't be returning to work for WWE, Steve Austin movie update, Mae Young to make history, Shawn Michaels talks wrestling Sting, Impact rating, Foley on his health, Jim Cornette

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11/11 Superstars TV results: Yoshi Tatsu over Zack Ryder; Ezekiel Jackson over Primo; and Drew McIntyre over Kaval. There was a fun moment on commentary last night. Cole asked Josh Matthews whether he thought Vince McMahon would return to the announce booth for Monday's "Old School" Raw. Matthews replied, "the guy's in a coma". Cole then shot back, "Oh well then, his commentary won't be any worse than it was 20 years ago".

Smackdown tonight has Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP; Kane vs. Big Show in a non-title match; Layla vs. Natalya in a non-title match; Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio; and Edge vs. David Otunga.


Today's Orlando Business Journal ran a story on the potential of a physical WWE Hall of Fame building in the city. Sam Stark, president and CEO of the Central Florida Sports Commission, said that the city is putting together some proposals which are backed by Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.

The Orlando Sentinel at also has a story about WWE accepting proposals from different cities who may want to develop as well as fund a Hall of Fame building. "WWE is in the very preliminary stages of evaluating this opportunity, and we have nothing further to report at this time," a WWE rep was quoted as saying. It's an interesting idea although just last year Vince McMahon said there probably wouldn't be a physical Hall of Fame, and joked that such a place exists only in his mind.

The Associated Press ran a story on Linda McMahon at She confirms that she won't be returning to WWE in her former role as CEO. "It was a wonderful career. I thoroughly loved it. It will always be in my blood, always be a part of me, that's for sure," she said. "But stepping back into an administrative role would just not be the right thing for me now." When asked about Vince McMahon's actions during her Senate campaign, she simply said he was protecting his business interests. "WWE was so maligned, if you will, all through my campaign that I think the steps that WWE did, just for its own protection for its business, were right and proper." She also laughed off any suggestions that her campaign was a WWE publicity stunt to help the company. "WWE doesn't need any extra publicity," she said.

Steve Austin started work on a new movie yesterday in Vancouver, an action flick called Hanger 14. MMA fighter Keith Jardine and martial artist Michael Jai White co-stars. The film is about an LAPD SWAT Team who find themselves pitted against two rival gangs while trapped in an abandoned Hangar, armed with nothing but blanks.

While wrestling last night in Nuremberg, Germany, somebody stole Bret Hart's ring jacket and sunglasses. He's not too happy about it.
Mae Young, 87, who is booked for Monday's "Old School" Raw, if she participates in a match will become the only wrestler in history to have been active in nine different decades--the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and 2010s--a record that will surely never be broken or duplicated in any other sport or entertainment genre. Young started wrestling as a teenager in 1939 transitioning from her boys' high school wrestling team in Tulsa to the professional ranks under promoter Billy Wolfe.

John Morrison is interviewed at He noted that he's been wrestling for eight years now and his dad is still hoping he will go to law school. He describes Vince McMahon as a father figure. "I think he’s a workaholic and in a way he’s like a coach that believes in you but also expects your absolute best at every moment. So every time you fall short of that, you feel a little bit guilty, but at the same time you know he just wants everybody to be their best and to put into this what he puts into it, and he works harder than anybody." On the pressures of carrying the company as a champion, he said, "There’s pressure on everyone to be the best and give people a show that’s better than the show they saw last time and also different. Especially the champ, and especially a goodie. That person is the person who most of the people are coming to see. So the pressure on that person is higher than on anyone else on the show. That person has to be the best every night and give the people a reason to come back, and a reason to tell their friends to come next time. So when you are in that spot the pressure’s enormous."

Emil Sitoci from Holland is another European wrestler that the company looked at this past week while in the UK.
Shawn Michaels was a guest on CBS Atlanta this morning as part of the on-sale promotion for Wrestlemania 27. He said he had no idea whether he would be participating on the show saying that he was technically unemployed and joked that he was promoting the show this weekend for free as a favor to WWE. 
During a radio interview today, Michaels also said that he's happy in retirement but one thing that may tempt him back to the ring would be the opportunity to wrestle Sting--one of the few major stars of his era that he's never worked with.
All of the $1,000 Mania tickets sold out earlier today in the Internet presale. Most of the floor seating has already sold out too.
As things stand the current season of NXT will end on 11/30 and there are no plans for the show to continues in it's current form. As noted, Tough Enough is expected to be revived for another go-around soon, which would become the new C-show.

The company has booked the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario, for a Smackdown house show on 2/5. This is WWE's first event at the Coliseum, and in perhaps a sign of times, half the size of previous venues used in the area such as the Air Canada Centre, Maple Leaf Gardens, and Skydome.


11/11 Impact TV results from Orlando, FL: Robbie E & Cookie over Jay Lethal & Taylor Wilde; Samoa Joe over Gunner & Murphy in a handicap match; Kazarian over RVD; AJ Styles over Stevie Richards to retain the TV title; and Matt Morgan over Beer Money & Douglas Williams in a handicap match.

TNA's final show at the Nashville Fairgrounds takes place tonight before the venue closes in December. The advertised line up is Jeff Hardy vs. TBA; AJ Styles vs. Raven; Machine Guns vs. Beer Money, Inc. vs. Ink, Inc; Pope vs. Abyss; Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe; Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky; plus Mr. Anderson returns to the ring from injury.

The company also runs Saturday at the Georgia Mountains Center in Gainesville, and Sunday at the Northwest Georgia Trade & Convention Center in Dalton. Then follows another round of TV tapings Monday and Tuesday back in Orlando.


Impact last night did a 1.2 rating and 1.62 million viewers. A good number--an increase of around 15 percent in viewership from last week.

Mick Foley on TSN's Off the Record show that aired Wednesday night said he would happily accept a WWE Hall of Fame offer following the company's recent book plug during Raw. Regarding his health, he said his knees are in the condition of that of a 90-year-old (basically shot) and estimated suffering between 12-100 career concussions. Foley also revealed he's had conversations with Chris Nowinski about post-concussion syndrome and has agreed to donate his brain to the Sports Legacy Institute after death. You can watch the entire interview from tomorrow at

The new TNA title belt was custom made by one of Jeff Hardy's friends. The same person who made the belt also made one for Shannon Moore--a DILLIGAF belt--which probably won't be used on television.


Bruce Prichard and Jimmy Noonan posted a new audio show at Noonan reveals that Joanie "Chyna" Laurer, who turns 40 in December, filmed an adult movie last week for Vivid Entertainment, as one of his friends was the guy who she did scenes with. Vivid is the world's largest adult video producer. In 2004, the company released a sex tape titled 1 Night in China, which starred Laurer and ex-boyfriend Sean Waltman.

ROH runs this weekend with shows in Dearborn, MI and Mississauga, Ontario. More info at ROH owner Cary Silkin is now doing the Dana White twitter gimmick where he gives away tickets and merchandise before each show.
Jim Cornette is very unhappy with Canada according to his Twitter. He didn't say why...yet. Cornette was scheduled to be in Mississauga today for the Toronto Memorabilia Expo as well as the ROH show in the same town on Saturday. Apparently the Daily Queen lady got a job at border control.

Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, KY announced they will host four events in four days next month including two nights of Ring of Honor TV tapings. "This will be a great week to be in Louisville if you're a wrestling fan, or even a wrestler." said Jim Cornette, OVW matchmaker and ROH Executive Producer. "There will be more wrestling action in the Derby City that week than in any other location in the country." Full details at including how you can see all four events for just $37 and special hotel rates for fans traveling in from out of town. 
Alex Marvez interviewed Tony Atlas at who talks about the problems he has overcome in his life, Commentating on his last run with WWE, he says: "I was only back for two years, but how many people in the world didn't even have two years? I went to France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and England. Somebody paid for my expenses and I got paid to go. How can I complain?" Atlas was promoting his new book "Atlas: Too Much... Too Soon" co-written by Scott Teal at
Chris Daniels at puts Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan as the best workers of the modern era. "It's hard to narrow down something like that because of all the variables involved. Best worker? Talker? Who drew best? Who was best technically? You'll get different answers for every one of those questions. But I will say that in my opinion, I've always thought Chris Jericho was the perfect blend of style and substance. I've always enjoyed his work on a microphone, and his athleticism ranks with the best. His last run in WWE was outstanding, and I think he still has a lot to offer wrestling. In addition, I think the general wrestling audience is finally seeing what hardcore fans have known for years: Daniel Bryan is a superstar. I'm so happy that he's finally gotten the chance to shine on the biggest stage there is, and I wish him nothing but success in the years to come."
David Shultz was announced for the NWA Legends fanfest next year in Atlanta. More info at
Jerry Jarrett will be hosting a training seminar in Nashville on 11/27 and also announced plans to open a wrestling school. He said he was motivated to open a school after attending some recent independent events. "I saw talent that surpasses some of the talent at WWE and TNA in physical ability. Many have asked 'why can't I get booked at the next level?' I have preached that the wrestling business is simple and that it is those who don't really understand the business that make it complicated. The fact is that in-ring skill is only 1/3 of what it takes to become a professional wrestler. It also requires 1/3 verbal skills and 1/3 presentation of character. When these 1/3's are combined, you have a professional wrestler. Our goal for this class is to help a person who is already getting booked, to move to the next level." There is space on the seminar for just 20 participants. For more info contact Bill Behrens at

Women's wrestler Melissa Coates has had some interest from the Philadelphia Passion about playing in the Lingerie Football League which airs on MTV2.

WSU announced a joint show with the NWS group on 12/11 in Dunellen, NJ at the Dunellen Knights of Columbus. Advertised line up is Alicia vs. Nikki Roxx; Angel Orsini vs. Athena; Krissy Vaine vs. Niya; Jana vs. Cindy Rogers; Melissa Coates vs. Rick Cataldo in an intergender match; and The Belles Saints vs. Jennifer Cruz & TBA. More info at
WSU's iPPV on Go Fight Live last weekend exceeded the company's expectations drawing mid three digits in terms of buys.
Today's Babe of the Day is Chyna at