Friday, December 31, 2010

Beau and Misty James - Year 2010 by Number

----Beau James sent this via e-mail.
----If you are local promoter or worker, then please take a minute to look at this list.  This is how you make a living wrestling or promoting.  Take a look at the number of posters this man put out!!  Look at his match total!  Take a look at their gimmicks!  This is how you can be considered a promoter or worker - when you get out there and work your ass off to make it happen!! For the promoters that can't draw more than 50 people, then why not try something simple like..well...posters..LOL 

Here is the Year of 2010 by The Numbers for Beau and Misty James
01- Number of bookings Misty and I missed (car Trouble sorry Danny Ray)
03- Trips made to Jimmy Valiant's wrestling camp
03- Times Beau had his head glued shut
04- Number of years Misty now has in wrestling
05- Dozen shirts Misty and I sold at the matches
06- Dozen Mask Misty and I sold at the matches
09- Number of Local Business that helped sponsor SSW Power Half Hour (THANK YOU)
11- States Wrestling took us to this year
16- Times SSW ran Kingsport this year
19- Number of promoters we worked for this year (Thanks for having us)
22- Number of Bookings We turned down either did not want to be a part of their promotion or they did not want to pay what we ask
23- Number of Years Beau has made a his living with wrestling
41- Number of Bruises Misty got wrestling
64- Number of Matches Misty Had this year
75- Number of TV programs Beau was on this year
80- Number of rolls of tape we went through this year
82- Number of matches Beau Had this year ( least amount of my career by choice)
89- Number of 8x10s of Beau sold at the matches
176- DVDs we sold at the matches or online
321- Number of 8x10s of Misty Sold at the Matches
est. 1100 - number of Raffle Tickets We sold at the matches for the Misty James Gift Package Giveaway
1900 Posters we hung for SSW events
5200 Flyers put of for SSW Events
Now taking bookings for 2011. Email