Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bishop Update

----Here is an update on Bishop. 
----I had the chance to talk to him this afternoon via Facebook and he is doing as good as expected.  The accident he was involved in was very bad.  His girlfriend did not survive the crash and Bishop is in bad shape.  He is out of the hospital, but he suffered a concussion, broken ribs, collapsed lung and a level 2 liver laceration. He told me today. "I am back home from the med now, praying and healing.  Don't know how long before I am 100%."

----RRO sends our condolences and our thoughts are with Bishop and his family.

jus gt released frm the alot of pain physically and emotionally...still cant believe she's memory still hasnt returned yet...jus remember ridin and talkin with her...thn i woke up surrounded by doctors. with a concussion, broken rib cage, collapsed lung, and and level 2 laceration of my liver